Tuesday, October 03, 2006

National Pain in the Butt Day

Without telling me (and I won't go into how mad that makes me) Loki and Sam had declared it National Pain in the Butt Day first thing this morning. I happened to be asleep when they pronounced it (once again, not gonna go there).

So this morning (without me) they decided not to come in when the human woman asked them, ran from her when she went to get them in her robe and stinky sneakers, danced and laughed at her, then finally came in when she about went postal.

Once inside, they barked and barked and played and ran around and made her frazzled, then had to go out again. Once outside, you guessed it, wouldn't come back in again when she asked. Boy was she steamed.

So, after I had a little talk with them about coordinating these types of events, we decided to turn it up a notch when they got home from that work place (which they both hate).

We dug HUGE holes in the yard and grass, then we lollygagged coming in for dinner, pretended not to want dinner until she put shredded cheese in our food, then demanded to go back out for more hole digging. She came outside after a while and pronounced us evil, so we decided to chase each other around and run into her "by accident".

She let us in.
We wanted out.
We wanted in, then wouldn't come in.
Made her chase us through the yard, she even got "stern" with us, so we went in.
Got upstairs and wanted out again.
Banged on the door to be let in 5 minutes later.

When she was about to spontaneously combust, the human man played with us, but I didn't want to play. After that... they wanted out, but I stayed inside.

The moment she sat down, I plunked the rubber ball on her foot and looked cute and fluffy. She can't resist cute and fluffy play mode, so she got up and threw the ball. I managed two "retrieves" (which actually meant she had to chase me to get the ball, then she threw it a third time at which point I gave her the paw and went and lay down.

Even after all that... she still scratched my belly.

You can't beat these humans, they're just suckers for punishment and hours of entertainment.

(I'm fluffy)


hollybollyboo said...

Wow Meeshka, your Sam and Loki sound just like my step-brother Samuel. I guess when he was younger (and before the new house with a doggie door) he use to do the same thing to our human when she was trying to go to work in the mornings. He would just refuse to come in, no matter what she tried. She use to try bribing him with treats, she used the "bye-bye" word, she would try showing him the leash and ask if he wanted to go for a walk, but he was too smart to buy it. He would also let her chase him around the yard, then get just close enough that she thought she could get a hold of him...then he'd run away. Use to make her about boil! She was late for work on several occasions because of this. She finally figured out that it has something to do with this time of year. It was finally getting cooler outside, and he wanted to stay out, when she wanted him to come in, so he would just refuse. But now that we all have a doggie door, we come in and go out as many times as we want. It's pure heaven!!! Maybe you could try and get your humans to get you one of these great in/out doors!

The Army of Four said...

They should clear everything through you first. Don't they understand the chain of command?
Tail wags,

cyber-sibes said...

Ahhhh, how perfectly delightful!

JustMeCopper said...

Gheesh, and I just get in trouble for waking Mom up at 4:30 so I can go outside! You guys have "pain in the butt day" down to a tee!

Quinn said...

Your Royal Fluffiness

Do you ever play the "dead dog" game on Be A Pain Day?

This is a fun game to play. When the human woman comes home, don't acknowledge her. Just lie there and don't move, even when she calls your name.

You'll be able to hear the panic in her voice as she repeatedly calls your name and you just lie there like roadkill. Then, just about the time she's in tears, convinced you've had a heart attack in your sleep, you miraculously come alive and give her an annoyed look for waking you up.

Bonus points if you can do this out of her sight so she has to run around the house looking for your body!

Your humble servant

Cubby said...

Ha ha ha ha! Crazy-funny!