Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rain, as a torture device

Well, its been nothing but rain here the past few days. We hate rain, but we found out that the human woman hates rain more than we do. What does that mean? You guessed it...

We SAT in the rain, in the mud, rolled in the mud and rain, then refused to come inside when called. We made her chase us around in the rain (getting muddier by the minute), then came inside. Of course, she forgot to close the door leading into the house, which meant we stomped upstairs with out muddy feet while she screamed "get back down here for rough towel!" But did we? heck no. We wiped our feet on the carpet, the bed, the kitchen tile, on the wall, and just for good measure, we shook ourselves on the walls. Hey, by the time she came up the stairs, we were wiped off and reasonably dry already, who needs the rough towel! She didn't appear very happy about out methods of drying off.

So, we'd eat... then beg to go lay in the rain again. She got smart and left us out there, but we showed her. We forced her to come outside with us by digging in the mud near the fence. She hates that, but she had to come out and stop us. Once again, we wouldn't come in when told, made her run around the yard after us, then... as usual, we ran inside, up the stairs, onto the carpet, bed, kitchen, walls, shake, shake, shake, shake your fluffy!

By the time she cleaned all that up... we wanted outside again. That's been going on for two days now and she still forgets to close that back door.

Earlier today, the human man left the closet door open just a tiny bit. Loki and I were very quiet and snuck in there and got the squeeky toys out of there. We would have gotten away with it if that mutant pawed gimpy hadn't squeeked his toy. Granted, its very hard not to squeek, but knowing what would happen next (and it did happen) its very important NOT to squeek.

Sure enough, the human woman who can sleep through my "I want" noise and me clawing her, somehow HEARD that tiny little squeek, ran out and took the toys away from us. sigh.

(she's not sharing any of her soup bread bowl with me either)


Ender said...

That's pretty clever of you. You think the humans would learn! My parents have gotten wise to me, I wouldn't come in when they called so sometimes now they hook me to a long tie out so they can atleast grab the rope to get ne to come in!

JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, my Mom said if I made that big of a muddy mess in her house, she would never let me inside ever again. I have to be dried with a towel too but I let her do it because I hate to be wet.

cyber-sibes said...

HaHa! Good days work, Meeshka! We like to do the shake-off-the- mud- thing in the car after a trip to the dogpark on a rainy day. Leaves a nice pattern on the roof, upholstery, and windows. Try it sometime, she'll be so pleased!
-Star and Sherman

P.S. Why does she steal and hide your squeekies? That's just plain mean.

jan said...

I'm never letting my dogs read your blog. They can think of enough ways to torment humans. And you are overly creative about it.

Dachsies Rule said...

Hmmm, this sounds suspiciously like a Husky Patience Test (administered by Huskies not testing Huskies) We have a Dachshund Patience Test that we give to Mom. Our friends suggested additional testing methods. You have good testing methods too!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Macie-Malechai said...

Our humans are such idiots, they made our in & out intrance in their bedroom, lets just say we have made a nice "run" of the carpet. M&M

Freda said...

Hey Meeska,

You guys are soooo luckys. Our fallin' water season is just startin', so I have to wear my fallin' water gear. AND I have to ride in my mean green cruzin' machine AND I have to have a rub down with my pink towel AND I have to have my feet wiped BEFORE I can go back inside. What a pain. And you guys get to paint the house. Cooools! The cruzin' box is okay but the rest...

And the squeekies. They don't do anything for me, but when my buddy, Tule, comes to visit, she hits my toy pile and brings out the sqeekies and plays some mean musics.

Paint on!