Friday, October 13, 2006

We could almost smell China!

Today was a very good hole digging day! Not only was it very chilly out (perfect digging weather), but since the human woman was "working" from home, we got to stay out most of the day and cultivate our escape tunnel to China.

This marvel of construction was located under the deck, since the human woman has been diligent about covering up our holes in the rest of the yard. We wanted something centrally located, and somewhat hidden, although she did suspect something was up by the dirt covering all of us as we tried to look innocent.

Sorry, no pictures, and certainly NO pictures of the 2am shirt incident. Although sadistic and always ready to take embarrassing pictures of me, the human woman is addicted to sleep and couldn't be bothered to stumble into the other room to get the camera (thankfully).

She's also started bribing us with treats again to get us into the house. At 8am this morning we decided to woo and scream at the neighbor dogs (they're so annoying), and the human woman seemed to think it would wake the whole neighborhood up with our catterwalling, so she brought down the pup-a-roni treats and enticed us into the house. She only had to do that one time, and each time she called us, we were right there, sitting pretty, demanding our treats. Then we'd run upstairs, drink water, wash off our muddy paws in the bowls, track the mud around the house, then claw her to go out again. She's very thrilled by this.

Ok, so a really cool rescue that is saving future HULA members and finding them homes to take over is having an auction. In case your humans expect something from you for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate that requires the giving of some kind of token of appreciation ... I'm waiting for that on a holiday card "Happy celebration that requires me to provide you with some sort of gift for which I don't expect anything in return to celebrate whatever it is that you celebrate"

Oh, I digress... here's the link to the MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral e-bay auction.

Go get your human's credit cards and start bidding on cool stuff so we can have more chaos and fur flying.

(Do I smell lo mein?)


JustMeCopper said...

You do all that digging in the dirt and she invites you back into the house? Washing your paws in your water? My Mom would not like to have a Huskie ... I am pretty sure.

Holly said...
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Holly said...

Dear Meeshka,

I would really like to be an honorary HULA member. I live with 2 Sibes (Abby and Samuel) and I am "really" close to being somewhat Sibe. I mean, I do kinda look like one (I'm just bigger). Besides, I am totally on your side! You RULE, and I will forever be your devoted friend! You give all of us non-siberians great inspiration!


The Army of Four said...

A picture of your fluffy self would look good on that set of cardz our mom donated!
Play bows,

Turbo the Sibe said...

Any human who sleeps when Huskies are awake is stupid!

Anonymous said...

Good work on the holes and digging (and especially hiding it from the people). You are an inspiration to us all!