Sunday, October 29, 2006

Why I Hate the Humans at Blogger

For TWO DAYS now I've been unable to blog. This means that I am unable to pass instructions to the members of HULA so they can do their devious husky things to their humans. This means that you have been denied my fluffiness for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

Why is this happening? Well, I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that Blogger is rolling out their NEW AND WONDERFUL new version of blogger, that they want everyone to convert to... except for the fact that you CAN'T because they're inviting certain bloggers to convert first. I'm sure these are the same lame bloggers that end up in the "blogs of note" which typically turn out to be incredibly lame blogs about quantum jelly sandwiches, or some lazy idiot that auto blogs RSS news feeds. Whoever picks the "blogs of note" should be tied to a railroad track.

The morons at Blogger then advise you to start a new blog in the new blogger beta and eventually you'll be able to merge your other blogs in. Right, I've heard that before from humans. I'm sure it'll all work flawlessly once they get it done (whatever century that will be). In the meantime, I read the "Blogger Buzz" where some human is whining about how much work it is to keep the old Blogger up. Suck it up moron, nobody feels sorry for you when they constantly get error messages, or down errors, or whatever errors there are. You get paid (probably way too much) so do your job and stop snivelling! When Huskies take over the world, the first human to whine about their job gets eaten by wild dingoes.

Then there's the whole rub our noses in it thing. All dogs know that rubbing our noses in poo does not stop us from pooing in the house. It just makes us want to poo in the house in places the humans can't find it, just to get even. Oh, the new blogger works great, we aren't having any problems with it. Good for you, so why aren't you busy fixing the original one instead of posting about how great the new one is. If its so great, why haven't you ported everyone over to it, instead of sending out willy nilly "invites". "Hey, this is great, too bad you can't get it". If they were anywhere near me, I'd claw them bloodless by now.

So, whenever, IF EVER everydogs get this message, I may be trotting my way to wherever this blogger place is to wreak havoc and let loose the dogs of war on these humans.

(oh, I'm in a snit today)


Tierre said...

Ooh, Meeshka, you better hope the folks at Blogger didn't read this post or you'll be in big trouble!

Holly said...

I'm with you Meeshka! I tried to post my blog on Friday night and it told me "error" when I tried to publish it. I was so mad! I couldn't remember what all I had said, so had to try and re-do it. Well, it never comes out as good the second time around as it does when you first think of things. I promise to help wreak havoc with you. I'm really big and threatening looking, so I can try to intimidate them with you!


Anonymous said...

Amen, sister.

Anonymous said...

bitter much? get a job, you welfare bum.