Tuesday, July 24, 2007

See, Pouting Does Work

Apparently all of our threats and pouting did work as the humans put on my harness and took me for a truck ride! I was so excited, after last night's torture and then not going anywhere, I was certain that all of my pouting and threats of the claw had convinced them that doing that was totally wrong and they needed to make it up to me with a very special truck ride. I thought for sure we were going out for ice cream... oh no.

Off to the vet we went. Ok, the vet is NOT a special trip for me. I showed my displeasure by dumping at least a pound of fluff in the pristine human man's SUV, for which he accused the human woman of plucking me in his truck. I love it when I get those two arguing back and forth.

Unfortunately they didn't argue enough to forget why we were in the parking lot of the vet, so into the stupid place we went. We waited in a room for a long time and then the fun (NOT) began with the poking and the prodding and the squeezing and the light shining in the eyes, and the 'oooh you have tartar' criticism.

They took me into the back and some stranger stole my pee. You know, I'm more than willing to give them a pawtograph if they just ask, there's no need to go about stealing my bodily fluids all the time! Then I got stuck with a needle, they took some of my blood too! I shrieked like a banshee for them, just to freak the humans out and stir up the waiting room (they were warned not to put me on a table at least).

There was then a looong wait while they did something to my pee, so the human woman told me that we needed to go outside (hey, I just peed in a cup, I don't have to go, but if you do, do it behind the dumpster, don't embarrass me out in public). She took me outside and guess what!!!

There was my half sister Tashi!!!!
Ok, so maybe this wasn't such a bad vet visit, I get to see my half sister Tashi again! I ran up to her all waggy tail and she was happy to see me and we sniffed and well... that's about all. She said I never wrote or called, I asked how mom was doing, but as usual she never checked on her, its always me that has to call mom. I'm guessing she needs money for something again and Tashi isn't good with finances, so I'm always the one that has to come up with the funds.

Then the human women (Tashi's human woman is as bizarro as my human woman) just HAD to take pictures, and kept asking us to pose and sit (yeah right) and look at the camera and they were just oohing and awwing over us, it was pretty embarrassing out in public and all. Geez, enough already.

Luckily the human man came out and said that my pee sample was negative and that I'm all normal now in the pee area. The blood work will come back in a week or two to determine whether I'm just naturally big boned and fluffy, or perhaps I have a thyroid issue.

Tashi and I said good-bye, she asked if she could borrow a 5 until friday when her check came in, and I pretended that I didn't hear her. Never loan money to Tashi, she never gives it back, always with the excuses.

We came home and gimpy mutatoes sniffed me all over. Loki wants to meet Tashi, he thinks he stands a chance with her... I don't think so.



Tashi said...

I don't know why you have to be so stingy. I NEEDED that five. A girl's got to live. Generic cigarettes and lotto tickets don't just buy themselves, you know. But it's always just judge, judge, judge from you.

cyber-sibes said...

Dear Meeshka,
I'm glad your pee problem is all cleared up. I went through that too recently, and my humom actually laughed when she collected my pee cause she kept thinking about that cartoon you did! My blood came back yesterday and I'm ok too.


Bama said...

I'm glad you're pee is okay, now,and we're all hoping your blood shows you're just a big boned fluffy girl. Chili says there's nothing wrong with big-boned fluffiness, he kind of prefers his girls that way. (Guess that's why he's always so stand-offish to me and Mik, not like our studly Cracker). Anywhoo, sounds like you're humans are making sure you're in good health for your upcoming extra effort in the blogathon.
Chili says to tell the humans "they do make low-fat ice cream, ya know?"
play bows & manykisses from the River Hill Pack

Kapp pack said...

Glad to hear your doing better. I don't understand why these stoopid humans tease us with car rides and then send us to the V-E-T. My human says I get to go to work with her tomorrow....I hope that's not code for V-E-T.

-Kelsey Ann

Holly said...

I'm so glad you are all better! I think you are just extra fluffy! Hopefully it's not a thigh-roid problem. I have one of those, which is why I weigh 122 pounds and wanted to eat everything in sight!

Hopefully all will be well. Keep us updated!

You can definitely tell you are fluffier than Tashi!

Louka said...

Hi, Meeshka,
I really hope that you don't have thyroid issues, those are annoying. My human granny has that and if it's the same for dogs as it is for humans, it's very annoying.

At least you don't have to walk to the vets. That's what mommy does to me. We're having a lovely walk, I'm sniffing around and then BOOM! Vet's office. Humans.

I've been a huge fan of your blog for a long time and I'm studying your clawing techniques assiduously.
Your canuk fan,

JustMeCopper said...

Meeska, you have to watch it. You made my Mom laugh so hard her make-up got wet.

Laci said...


Just wanted to say hi. I'm Laci and I'll be your monitor during the Blogathon.

My site is http://lacicrusade.wordpress.com. If you need anything, I'm on AIM as ProdChicLaci, Yahoo as laci_0579 and e-mail at laci@beautifuldance.net. Just holler! :)

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh, I am glad you got to go for a ride!!! Sorry that you had to go to the vet, but it was for your own good! Cool you got to see Tashi! Saturday is almost here!

Luckie Girl said...

I'm glad your vet results was okie dokie. I thought it was nice you got to meet up with Tashi. Both of you are bootiful girls. I'm not too sure about lending her $$ though.

Tasha & Eva said...

We love your fluffiness. The fluffier the better.

I clawed Dad the other day. I don't remember why but it was fun. He asked if I've been taking lessons from you.

Belly rubs,

Anonymous said...

What did Tashi's and your mom look like? Was she fluffy? Or was your dad the source of your fluffiness?