Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stupid Fight

Yes, last night we had a prime opportunity to have a stupid fight!

The neighbors had a gazillion people over for a deck party, so we had a great audience. We started it off by sniffing very intently on the ground. Then we postured our body language to let the human woman know that whatever we were sniffing, it was worth fighting over. She kept telling us to "leave it" softly between clenched teeth so the party couldn't hear us, and the moment she stepped in to take the tasty thing away, Mutatoe and I broke into a knock out drag out, screaming, shrieking, full tilt bozo not come anywhere near each other but looked as though we'd rip each others' faces off stupid fight. It was beautiful, and Jackie Chan would have been proud of our realistic choreographed stunt fighting.

Of course through the whole thing, the human woman is screaming, yelling, grabbing sticks to making noise to stop us... and there was a visible hush on the neighbor's deck. Mission accomplished.

She made me go inside, which I did while glaring back while the Mutatoe got the tasty whatever it was and ate it. Good for me because apparently whatever it was upset the Mutatoe's stomach, as he spent all morning horka'ing on the human's bed and carpet. Hehehe, priceless.

He's fine now (as if you cared), but because of him, we only got dry, crunchy bland food to eat today. On top of that, he got his Mutatoe claws clipped today and the human woman made him bleed. He's now limping around pitifully, upset stomach, milking all the sympathy he can get from it. He's so good at looking pathetic, I really need to work on my pathetic look.

(working the sad eyes for a kleenex)


Holly said...

Oh Meeshka, you have me rolling with laughter! Way to bring attention to yourself during the party!

Bummer about Loki. He sounds like Samuel when it comes to milking attention with sad eyes. Sam is a pro. Maybe I can have him give you some tips.

BTW, I heard your mean human took away all your treats and now you only get goldfish crackers! You must learn to claw her more!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Khome on Holly - fess up - it was the Siberian Night Stout that made ya laugh!

You are just jealous of Sam because he got more beer than you did!

Woos and Wags,

Khyra :-)

Bama said...

Howwwoooo, your highness. We love the choreographed stupid fights, but usually the boys start it in the V.E.T office. We've been having 'puter issues ever since the blogathon, but we're finally back! We've gotten your messages, but seems like maybe you haven't been getting our responses, cause we got several requests from your mom for our snailmail address. Dad sent it once, and mom sent it twice, hope you got it...
mom is also sending an email regarding our blogathon pledge, she didn't want to post it here, so ask your mom to look for it. (the address will start with "hans"
Hope you'll come back and visit us soon, (and tell us how to get one of those cool "honorary HULA member" signs to put on our site)
Playbows & Manykisses,
Bama & The River Hill Pack

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

hhmmm...your weekend sounds as interesting as ours. at least Misty hacked in the yard.

cyber-sibes said...

Woooo, I'd have loved to have a ringside seat for that one, Meeshka! Sounds like one heck of a show! I'll bet the neighbors were very impressed! Even though he's pathetic, I'm still glad Loki is really alright. It seems like your humans have enough emergencies right now, with the Dyson & all.

(Did I tell you that I have a gimpy of my very own now? )

Sasha said...

Great job, Meeshka. Way to embarrass the humans and make Loki horka at the same time!

Tucker said...

Have they tried citronella spray on you? That's what the human assistant uses on Jaeger and me. No sutures since he started that.

Cubby said...

Well done!

Bama said...

Good evening your Highness,
Thanks for forwarding our email to HTHNBR, they got in touch with mom today, and she'll be sending them a check this week. We all feel so much better.
Also, wanted to let you know our prizes arrived today, THANK WHOOOO! Even though stingy mom won't let us have the cool stuffed husky keychain, she immediately put it on her keys, along with the pawprint one, too. She said it fits perfectly with the husky theme already in place in her Subaru Baja, 2 husky stickers in the back window, 2 husky beanies on the dash, and a permanent coating of husky fur on every surface of the interior of the car. She used to have an American flag sticker on the other side of the back window, but it faded to white and she had to peel it off. We're really working her to get a HULA sticker to replace it, after all, she uses it to take us everywhere we need to go, it really is OUR car, isn't it? Now if we just had a cool HULA logo/link to put on our site, we'd all be grinnin. (Okay, we're all grinnin anyway, and know that you're really busy ruling the world with an iron fist (and claws of steel) . Mom keeps telling me I need to learn patience....) Hope your mom's hand is feeling better, I'm sure it's hard to get her to type for you when she's in pain. If you bite her legs and feet she might forget that her hand hurts (just a thought)
Just wanted to thank you, and let you know the prize package arrived, hope you and the gimpy boys have a ggggrrrrreat week.
Love and Manykisses,
Bama & the RHP

Kapp pack said...

We like to embarras our humans by humping each other when company visits......the look on mom's face is priceless.

Sky and Canyon

Luckie Girl said...

I wish I was there to see the action. We love Jackie Chan! LOL! PS : Maybe you should take up acting classes and work on your acting skills a little more.

Windswept's Diamond Royale said...

HAHAHAWOOOOO! What a great story, Ill have to show this one to Brother & Sister. They are pros at the embarassing "super loud & scary looking/sounding, but nothing really is happening" fights. Good work


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Meeshka - It is always fun to embarrass the humans. Tell Loki I am sorry he has a sore claw. Mom cut mine too, and for the first time made me bleed too ;(