Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HULA Lesson #95,697: The Tongue

The general rule of tongue (since we don't have thumbs, which the humans lord over us at every occasion) is that if the tongue touches it... its ours.

Please note that this rule works for most households, but not mine. Yes, I'm going to get into some trouble here by revealing that the human woman has, on more than one occasion, actually eaten something that we've licked, or even had in our mouths. She's even fed the human man stuff that we've licked or had in our mouths. I won't even go into the episode where the human woman found bugs in the spaghetti as she cooked it, and she scooped the bugs out with a spoon and fed it to the human man without telling him (hoo, fur is going to fly if he ever stops playing gnome in my pants game and reads that).

In general, if you lick it, the humans will let you have it, so lick whatever you can. Of course, if you have cruel humans, they'll toss it away instead of giving it to you. If that happens in your house, you should find new humans.

(I can usually reach anything)


-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

When mommy is not looking, we try to get a taste of what she is drinking in a glass or mug on a coaster on the little table by her chair. Sumtimes we are faster than her, tasty drinks! Juneau is a quick counter-surfer. Stop by & visit sumtime wif us, Meeshka. Don't furget to sign our guestbook when you do.

Marley said...

I am right there with Cosmos. Generally, when it comes to food, I do "clean up" work. It's one of those little secrets that Mom has about keeping her living room tables so clean...I do it for her!

But beverages, they're all mine. Last night I got my snout stuck in her water glass, trying to get an ice cube, then I drank a lot of the water, then I started to horka (not in the cup), and Mom drank the rest of the water. HAHA.


Holly said...

You are looking very, ummmm, fluffy, in this cartoon. Is the human woman adding weight to you just to be mean?

My human has finished eating stuff we have gotten our tongues on, but dad will throw it away. But, then again, dad thinks its gross when mom even kisses us!

The bugs in the spaghetti thing was a little gross though.


Louka said...

Sounds like Mommy who made maple fudge even though she spotted bugs in the sugar and the carnation milk wasn't perfectly good anymore...

Usually when things go bad, though, they're mine.

IndyPindy said...

Bugs? In the spaghetti? Hmmm...your humans sure eat some wierd stuff! My mom said she'll make sure not to eat anything at your house when she comes over tomorrow to ride with your mom to the Harnessed to Hope meeting!

Bama said...

With 4 of us in the house, mama's learned not to be TOO picky, the occasional lick, or hair for added fiber doesn't gross her out, but we thought she was gonna horka when we told her 'bout the bugs in the 'sketti. She said "thanks guys, up til 5 minutes ago that was my favorite food....")
Good job, your highness, your freak out talents are astounding!
We bow to your superior skills.
Bama & the RHP