Monday, December 17, 2007

National Stare Off

Because some of us didn't get ANY snow during the Blizzard of 2007 or whatever those lame and worthless weather people are calling that last storm, I'm calling on all huskies to stare at their humans.

I'm convinced that they can somehow control the weather, and for some reason, some of them are holding out on the snow. By staring at them, I'm sure they'll crack under the pressure and release the snow we all so richly deserve.

Start staring.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I'm khurrently sleeping now - resting up to stare at her tomorrow -

Hope that works for woo!

Prakhticing 'the look',


Holly said...

Works here. We stare and look at all the snow we got!


Karen said...

Dear Meeshka,

I share your opinion of weather people - they absolutely suck!! Thought you might enjoy this story I wrote about our local weather BOY a few years back.

BTW - we have snow here and anytime you'd like to come up and play, I'm sure I can find a harness for you, despite your abudant 'fluffiness'.


The Daily Echo said...

GREAT strategy! Surely they can do something to help things along. I'll get on it....right after Mom comes back from our favorite treat store. We wouldn't want to interfere with important things like that.

cyber-sibes said...

We must be staring wrong. We stared & got snow that turned to slush as it fell. Now there's two inches of ice on the ground, 1/2 " snow, then another inch of ice. But at least it's cold!

Star & Jack
P.S. - we do have plenty of snow on our current cyber-adventure to the North Pole on our blog!

Bama said...

We all stare! Chili has the ticked off sideways "don't mess with me" stare to an artform! & Cracker has those sexy flirty bedroom blinky stares that just melt the humans knee caps! What are we doing wrong? The humans say the last time they saw snow was 1988, that was before Granddog Starr was even born for DOG's sake.
Please give us guidance your highness, it's plenty cold, freezing the last couple of nights, but do we get snow???? Noooooo.What are we doing wrong?

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

We're staring, but we thinks our mommy is doing a no-snow dance when we can't catch her at it!!
-Cosmos & Juneau-