Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day, such memories

Its been a very exciting day here in Castle Meeshka!

The human woman finally stopped horka'ing in the porcelain bowl and after laying in bed for about 24 hours, she got up. We didn't mind her laying around all day and all night as the human man fed us, and he always gets the amount wrong. Not only that, but they had leftover bland rice that the human woman didn't eat, so we got a late night snack of that in our bowls mixed with a bit of tasty water.

Oh, I forgot to mention (because its so horrible) but the human woman did get up once last night. Apparently she wasn't too keen about my clawing her bloody when the stupid humans down the street starting setting off firecrackers (I didn't realize that Memorial day was a day for setting off firecrackers, but apparently the idiots that live down the street think that payday is a reason to set off firecrackers). I had to wear the t-shirt, and to show my displeasure, I totally mangled Bionic hip spineless Sam's cushy pillow. I'm guessing there is another reason why my delicate little feety nails will be clipped on thursday when my teeth are getting cleaned.

So, human woman gets up this morning and like a busy little bee, she hovers around the coffee pot until it was done brewing (having learned her lesson from that little incident where she stuck her face under the spout), and stood there leaning until the first two cups were done, then she went outside without us.

We always enjoy it when she does that. Usually it means that she's cutting the grass so that it doesn't tickle our delicate po-pos, but this time not only did she do that, but she also gave us something new to play in. Apparently its called "Quikrete" and it now covers the holes in the concrete that the deck people jacknifed into the concrete pad in the back. We liked the holes they dug for us because there was tasty things in there, and it was fun to dig in there. Apparently the human woman got tired of us doing that, so she Quikreted over the holes. The fun part is that it wasn't exactly dry when she let us out, and of course, since its new, we had to inspect it. Our feety feets are now immortalized in the quik (but not quik enough) krete!

She put poo on the paver blocks she threw down the other day, so we can't dig those up, might as well have fun with the quikrete, and boy did we ever. There are some Sammy paws, and some Mutatoe paws, and some of my tiny delicate feet and claws... hmm, maybe a trimming wouldn't be half bad.

The human woman is also planning a trip apparently. She should be packing any moment now to "go insane". I think the human man is going too, and he's only packing his one last straw. I really don't know why they picked this time to take a trip, especially when the kitchen sink started leaking all over. Someone is coming out to fix that today, so I guess they'll be leaving on their trip after he fixes the kitchen sink. I hope they remember to leave out enough food for us until they get back.


JustMeCopper said...

Your human woman gets more done in a day than mine does. You should keep her. That not so quick stuff sounds fun. Why didn't she have your paw prints imortalized already!!

cyber-sibes said...

You've certainly had a busy day! You must have done all this typing while she was outside Quikreteing. Our humans went outside too & we had to watch from inside while they dug holes & put plants in the ground (out of our reach) - we could have been a big help!

Wooos & a-roos,
Star & Jack-a-roo

PS - stop by our blog for our special Memorial Day post if you get a chance.

Dakota said...

That quikrete stuff sounds like a bunch of fun! Do you think the humans could set some up at Hike n Howl this year?

The Daily Echo said...

Oh I'm sure your Mom is so glad she had the day off to spend with you all. I don't know how they can leave us to go to work the other days. It's nice that Mom is feeling better now though.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Great job!

That will soooooo teach her!!

Meeshka kind khan NOT be outsmarted ESPECIALLY by mere humans!!!


Kapp pack said...

Uh oh! SOunds like you are regaining control, though...

WOo woo, KA

The Army of Four said...

I'm glad your human woman is feeling better and can go on her trip. I think my mom's gone to that "insane" place quite a few times; with all that repeat business, it HAS to be a nice place!
Good luck with the plumbing; our magic cold box is still dead. :(
Play bows,
PS: Great work, immortalizing your feety-feets!

Holly said...

Glad your human woman is finally feeling better. I thought we went insane a long time ago. Why does she want to go again?

Love the feety feet idea in the quickrete. I think it was a nice gesture on your part to leave an everlasting memory.


Penny & Poppy said...

We think it was a pawsome idea for you to immortalize your feetses in Quickrete. Yeah, our pawrents found out, a long time ago, that it isn't really as quick as they make you believe! Glad the hooman woman is feeling somewhat better. Maybe there's hope for OUR mom!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Davis, o nosso shar pei said...

Poor woman human!!!;-)Nice blog!