Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Must Be Vigilant

I suspected this may start to happen. Angry wildlife fighting back.
We must be ever vigilant and stop them from striking again.

Nothing worse than terrorist suicide squirrels.




Khyra The Siberian Husky said...



Is there any chipotle to go with 'em?


The Thundering Herd said...

Just proof that We Sibes should be allowed to catch all of the squirrels out there. But, frankly, we had never thought about cooking them first. What a concept. Bar-be-cue squirrel from the sky

The OP Pack said...

Crispy, crunchy, yummy!!!

Woos, the OP Pack

Holly said...

Mmmm, squirrel roasted over an open flame. Sounds tasty to me!


Louka said...

Did you know that squirrels are the number one single source of electrical shortages in North America? they have to be stopped, somehow, they really are dangerous! I think we should round them up and eat them all...


BenTheRotti said...

A critter that cooks itself for you??

I'm impressed.. now if it could just be encouraged to drop in our dinner dishes rather than dry vegetation it would be perfect!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx

Amy and the Huskies said...

We've never actually managed to catch a squirrel (Keva's got a few birds) but we'll try extra hard now. Evil squirrels!

The Army of Four said...

I love the smell of flaming squirrel in the morning.
Ha roo roo roo!
Play bows,

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrrrrr Meeshka
that just dosent look good Harrr.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, has your Mom tried that Peticure? Does she like it? My nails are too long and she wants to buy one. Can you email her at and tell her?

hate those clippers

Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...

WOO WOO Meeshka

Not those nasty nasty squirrels!!
Thor and Marco Polo