Monday, December 07, 2009

More Snow Please

The local weather guessers were spared a gory claw death when we actually did get snow here in Merryland. Of course this caused the local Global Warming conference to be canceled because it was much too cold outside. I spent much of my time outside camouflaged from the human woman who frantically searched for me to no avail. She has new glasses which cause her to tip over again, so its no wonder she couldn't find my brilliant hiding place right in front of her.

I have been spending my time basking in the snow, then lording over my (once again) full pack, now that the Spineless Bionic Hip Knee Pup, Sam, is back with us. No longer does he have his own room, his own Wubba, and the undivided attention of the humans, no, he's a mere lowly pack member once again. As an added bonus, the lower room is now open to us and we have our own couch again. This means we have a couch upstairs and downstairs. The humans seem to think that the couch is for them to watch tv on, but we've made it clear, by taking it over, that its for us. I hear the human woman is planning on buying new chairs so they'll have something to sit on, which is only appropriate. If the chairs are comfy, we shall overthrow them as well.

Now that things are back in order, and I have unlimited ability to claw the human woman (who can't hide from me downstairs anymore, I can claw her at will and am making up for lost claw time) I will be able to better attend to my blog and my queendom.

Some of the things on my to do list include inducting some deserving pups into HULA, and also plotting the overthrow of the world, since humans are totally messing things up.

So, on that note, I leave you with some snowy fluffiness.



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It was a good start!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

ra_husky said...

paws crossed for more snow!

The Army of Four said...

Yowzers! You look INCREDIBLE with snow all over you.
We're under a winter storm WARNING now - the bipeds say 8-10 inches or more for us before the storm's over. Ammy has asked Mom to take her outside every 5 minutes today to do a snowcast..... and she's pretty sure we're going to get smacked but GOOD! Ha roooo, I can't WAIT!
Play bows,

Holly and Khady said...

Thank goodness you got a little bit anyway!

We're getting massive amounts right now. I'll try to send it east for you.

Nice to see some pics of you. We can never have enough Meeshka pictures!!


The Thundering Herd said...

So good to see your fluffiness out in the snow! We look forward to HULA inductees. Always awesome.

Mango said...

Back in true form I see. Nice of the people to purchase extra furniture for you. Sometimes you feel like a couch, sometimes a chair.


Cyber-sibes said...

Hmmm, how come huskies south of us got snow? Where's mine? Would woo please command that more snow be sent north to me?

your humble servant,
Jack a-roo

Huffle Mawson said...

I do not need any snow so you can have my share. I would like to help with the overthrow of the world though.

Princess said...

Nothing but the wet stuff here in GA