Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What Is This?

I think I've made it very clear that I am not happy with the current Amerifur leadership situation.

Its bad enough that the election was literally stolen by squirrels that hoard acorns from Turbo, but for those rodents to put this guy into a leadership position when he clearly has no clue how to interact with other humans.

I mean come on! Play bowing? There was no posturing, no butt sniffing and for a young leader to play bow and old leader like that right off the bat, it just shows that he's not a pack leader, he's not an Alpha by any stretch of the imagination. I mean he's bowing so low, he's venturing into Omega status and I was very surprised that he didn't roll over on his back and tuck his tail in!

I would expect a leader of Amerifur to do a hard butt-check, a stiff legged stomp, a snort and then a butt sniff when meeting another world leader. This display is embarrassing. Even more so that when they parted, he didn't pee on anything!

I can't support this human if he can't demonstrate true Alpha leader qualities.

At this time I am supporting H.A. Turbofire not only for his congressional district, but for the 2012 election (if Amerifur lasts that long). I am in the process of gathering resources to insure a fair and honest election this year, and will be convening a group to help stop human stupidity in the interim, and make sure that the voters of 2012 aren't so freakin stupid again.

A very cranky Queen of the World.


Huffle Mawson said...

Maybe his human woman has him on a tight leash?

Turbo the Sibe said...

At least he hasn't cleaned his private area in public!

Mango said...

That is not a cool move. Besides, the bow is too deep. Sheesh. You don't want to go all submissive. Me? I would have done a little bitey face.


Kasha said...

THank goodness for a post like this! I agree 100% It is scary how he has become idolized and worshipped and there is nothing heroic about him. He just had a lot of great speeches with amazing lies that got him elected. I hope we can get someone with real morals and values in 2012.


Mike said...

He is on his apoligize for America being great tour. It helped him get where he is, but now he has to say we are sorry. Guy should have kicked in his face and showed him what happens when you bow lower.