Thursday, December 30, 2010

New HULA Members: Yuri, Sheba (and Cami)

Dear Meeshka,

I am sending an application for HULA membership on behalf of myself, Sheba and our sister Cami who is waiting for us on the other side of the Bridge. I think you will see that we have demonstrated our superiority over our humans during the past 13 years and have them tightly wrapped around our paws.

We have concluded our application with an awesome true story about something Sheba did that made the Hu-Mom freak out in a big way.



Demonstrating disruptive behavior:
--Yuri has the best Death Scream ever; he makes great use of it at the vet’s office!
–We clear the house if fed the Prairie flavor of Taste of the Wild! Dog aromatherapy!
--Getting the humans up in the middle of the night. We’re Senior Sibes; who can blame us?

Causing humans to freak out:
--Sometimes we hide in the yard and they panic thinking we have escaped. BOL.
--Yuri brought a dead squirrel into the house and dropped it at the Hu-Mom’s feet. A gift!
--Another time, Yuri brought a live bird into the house and put it into his crate. Again, what is up with the Hu-Mom?? She can’t appreciate anything!
--Remember the tainted dog food scare? That’s when we got put on Innova then Candidae and now Taste of the Wild, Salmon flavor.
--We gave the kennel staff a start when we escaped an outdoor run to request a return to indoor accommodations. Sheesh, it’s so hard to find good help these days! (Don’t worry, we had no way of escaping to the Outside World.)

Destroying something:
--Solar lights in the yard. You’d think the Staff would have seen that one coming!
--Mattress pad and sheet on the Staff bed
--Various dog beds and bedding
--Table leg
--Sofa cushions
--We love to destroy those flimsy PetSmart tennis balls, but refuse to play with the ball that even the lawn mower can’t touch. (The Hu-Mom wants us to tell you that she would never give us one of those tennis balls with out direct supervision.)

Human behavior modification:
--We’ve completely changed the way the humans live. When they buy a vehicle, they look for one that can hold crates and transport us safely. They have bought two houses that had to accommodate all of our needs.
--Cami was best Squeaker Killer - and to go with it, she had an awesome “that was my precious baby; please buy me another to promptly destroy” facial expression!
--When we moved, they naively thought that since we were older that we wouldn’t need a cattle wire around the base of the six-foot privacy fence. That didn’t last long! HAHAHA!
--We have been working on door training with pretty good success. Typically one bark is enough to get the door open for us.
--The humans are addicted to plucking our fluff and kissing our snooters. Not a bad trade-off for hand-and-paw service.
--Can we talk about the continual disturbance with the flashy beast? Next to plucking our fluff and kissing our snooters, the other thing the Staff can’t get enough of is taking our pictures. They leave the camera handy to capture all of our cuteness; no wonder they can’t get anything else done!

Humans dress you up:

Thankfully, the Staff have refrained from dressing us up. The closest example we have is that one time the Staff put an insulting bright pink harness on Cami and were dumb enough to leave it on her. The old girl chewed her way out of that thing in record time.

Love of Kleenex and all things paper. (Yuri’s speciality☺
--Dollar bills
--Paper towels
--Toilet paper rolls
--Various paper wrappers
--Receipts and papers in the shred basket. (C’mon, the Staff wanted them shredded!)
--Toilet paper
--Items out of the recycle box

This story is true, we swear. We’ve let the Hu-Mom tell it from her point of view.:

One day in the summer of 1998 (when Yuri and Sheba were about 8 months old), a friend asked me if I’d like to go with her to the Humane Society over lunch. I am happy to enable anyone looking for a new dog, so was glad to make the trip. We played with some dogs, washed our hands, and were walking down a corridor to the exit, when my friend indicated a door to her right.

“There you go, Janet; there’s a Husky for you.” I looked in the window. And looked again. In the crate closest to the door, there was indeed a Husky. A black and white Husky with an open mask and a dot like a thumbprint on her forehead. I stared.

“That looks like Sheba!! That looks like my dog!!”

But it COULDN’T be Sheba! I had left Yuri and Sheba at home a couple of hours ago. Charlie would have gotten home from work shortly after that. “But that looks like Sheba!!!”

My friend did not believe that I was looking at my own dog, but recommended that I ask for assistance at the front desk.

“You have a Husky; I would like to see it!” The woman patiently explained that the shelter policy would not allow me to just visit the dog. I would have to file a lost dog report.

“But my dog isn’t lost; I left her at home just this morning!” Anyway, I proceeded to give the woman the information: eight-month old black-and-white Siberian Husky, blue eyes, female, spayed, wearing a green collar and tags. The woman silently completed her form and then turned back to me holding up Sheba’s collar.


A more-experienced Siberian owner would have immediately understood exactly what happened. Sheba escaped her fenced yard just that morning and a compassionate neighbor called Animal Control. It took a moment for me to grasp what had occurred.

At eight-months old, Yuri and Sheba were just beginning to teach us the meaning of Hairy Houdini. It was not surprising that Sheba would escape; the amazing part was that I would just happen to visit the Humane Society shortly after she was brought in!

(Seriously?  Look at these innocent faces!)

Sheba was none the worse for her adventure and seemed glad to see her Hu-Mom. Having made plans to pay bail and retrieve Sheba after work, my friend and I prepared to return to our office.

“UH-OH! WHERE IS YURI??” He wasn’t with Sheba; had he also escaped? We swung by my house to find Yuri wailing at his misfortune--whether it was that his sister had left him or that he hadn’t figured out how to follow her under the fence, I’m not sure. Charlie was sound asleep and had missed all of the excitement and the phone call from Animal Control.

Subsequently, we had a cattle wire installed along the base of our six-foot privacy fence. Yuri and Sheba are now 13, but we know if we ever let down our guard or that wire, they will again look for adventure on the other side.

Congratulations and welcome to HULA
- Meeshka

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New HULA Members: The Thundering Herd

Yes, my pupfriends, its time to shine the HULA spotlight on the Thundering Herd!

I've received numerous excuses from the Thundering Herd's human man about not having the time to properly document the chaos and mayhem caused by the Herd, blah, blah, excuse, excuse, wah wah wah!  This only goes to show what exemplary HULA members the Herd is: keeping their Human Man from functioning properly in civilization.  I bet he can't even put his clothes in the spinny thing and make them smell like fake flowers and junk because he's always cleaning up after the Herd and their antics... BRAVO Herd!

Now, I don't want all of you to think that I'll just go and nominate HULA members on my own and do all of the research necessary to weed out your qualifications.  I'm much too busy for that (currently I'm gathering small bits of snow that are falling that was suppose to be a snowmageddon but got canceled because weather people are morons and need to be clawed.

Anyhoo, this is a once in a lifetime HULA nomination, because I need the Herd to concentrate on their operations to drive their humans insane (and they are close to being finished apparently).

HULA Qualifications
1. Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior
There's nothing better than having a bunch of you "act up" while on a peaceful walk with one human man... The Herd has perfected the whole "oh sure, we're well mannered huskies that obey your every command until we get you alone out in the middle of nowhere and then watch out" tactic.  This is only matched with the "wait until we get out in public and embarrass you" tactic.  You can also insist upon walking in between the Human Man's legs, like Rusty here.

2. Cause Humans to freak out for no real reason
Was accomplished on Christmas Eve by Queen Natasha, who ate something that didn't agree with her (probably a nice book) and was rushed to the puppy ER for treatment.  We are pleased to announce that she's back home giggling, and want to send a word of caution to other HULA wannabees: don't hurt yourself in your attempts to freak out your humans... but a vet run or two for non-serious things is not only fun, but expensive!

3. Destroy Something
Using the "eat an entire loaf of bread" as a diversionary tactic to destroy other things is the best way to accomplish maximum destruction.  Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee pup Sam totally approves of the consumption of bread products in this carefully coordinated sneak attack.  We also approve of stealing money.

4. Human behavior modification:
Making the humans erect barriers around the things they want to keep whole and then inconveniencing themselves in the process is a great trick.  What makes it even better is getting yourself into predicaments where the humans have to come to your rescue, or at the very least see why you are screaming at the top of your lungs as if scalded weasels were eating your eyes.  The only better maneuver is to completely defeat their attempts at blocking you, and giving them the finger.

5. Humans dress you up
I have found no evidence that the Human Man dresses up the Thundering Herd... probably because he knows better.  I approve.

6. Love of Kleenex
Although I'm sure there have been incidences of kleenex addiction, the Herd has mastered the "shredding of important paperwork" missions with style and pizazz, therefore I'll cut them some slack on no pictures or evidence of rolls of toilet paper snow throughout the household.

Welcome to the HULA Hoop:



Friday, December 24, 2010

New HULA Member: Pele

Hi Meeshka,

This is Pele. I am a 1 year old Siberian Husky. I want to submit my application for membership in H.U.L.A. I believe that I have the traits to become a good member of your organization. Here are my qualifications:

1) Disruptive Behavior
Not sure what type of disruptive behavior you are looking for. My Human family call me Psycho Pup, I am the Queen of the Zoomies. I also torture my sister Siberian Husky Georgie. I can run circles around her. You can check out the video Mom posted to our blog.

As you can see in the video, I can run circles around, over and under Georgie. It is not really disruptive, but it is FUN.

I also steal the human teen girl's socks and run around the house with them. I do this so I can get a COOKIE.

2) Cause Humans to Freak Out For No Reason
These humans around here do not freak out so easily. It is really tough to get them to do this. The only time they - or I should say Mom - freaked out was when I got loose after they reconfigured the front gates. I slipped out under the fence that goes up the stairs. She was screaming, and screaming at me - until she remembered that I like COOKIES.

3) Destroy Something.
I am very good at this. There are numerous items I have destroyed, things like: socks, my beds, coasters, toothpicks, rug, I put a hole in the carpet and an assortment of other things. I also destroyed the sofa by using the back of it as a springboard when I get the zoomies. Again you can check out our blog to see some of the items I have destroyed.

Check the following blog archives as well:

4) Human Behavior Modification.
My humans modified their front gate so that we could go out front without a tie out. Well, I still have to use the stupid tie out because I can slip out under the fence. They tried to come up with some sort of idea on how to keep me in, but because it is an iron railing over concrete steps, they have not yet figured it out.

There is also a baby gate across the bottom of the stairs to keep me down on the first floor.
Also last years' Christmas Tree was modified because of me. Mom usually has this huge tree, all decorated in white (to symbolize snow and ice), but if you check out the blog archives, you will see the difference in the Christmas Trees.
5) Humans Dress You Up
After Thanksgiving Tales. She put these stupid antlers on us and actually took photos. And then to add insult to injury, she made Christmas Cards out of these pictures and actually send them out!!! How humiliating.

6) Love of Kleenex
I don't usually get my paws on the Kleenex, but I do get the Q-tips from the bathroom trash!! I also counter surf and get my paws on napkins.  Under The Deck Day Two. There is a photo of my handwork with a napkin.

Well Meeshka, there you have it.
I hope you will accept me into the ranks of your H.U.L.A organization.
Pele, the Psycho Pup

Welcome to the HULA Hoop Pele!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heaven Needed Another Angel

Christmas seems to be a tough time in my household.  Traditionally its all about the birth of Jesus, the winter solstice, or simply a time to show your appreciation of your loved ones and friends with gifts, but in our household it has come to symbolize a time of loss or tribulation.

My humans lost their beloved Nakidka near Christmas in 2000.

The Bionic Hip puppy, Sam, became the Spineless Bionic Hip puppy Sam on Christmas day 2006.

This year, we've all lost a good friend and fellow HULA operative Opy.

I first "met" Opy through the Interwebs in 2006.  A stunning black lab named after the multimillionaire television talk show host, Opy was just as rich and generous as her namesake, not in money, but in love and commitment to her friends.

During my first blogathon, Opy and Charlie stayed up with me all night and helped me with material and moral support.  They even made me a cool button to use for Blogathon 2007, and once again stayed up with me to help me stay awake when the human woman conked out early.

Opy and Charlie (with the help of their humans) created Dogs With Blogs, which not only allowed dogs from all over the world to connect and network, but also helped raise money for poor dogs all over the place that couldn't afford computers... or just needed some kind of help. 

Through their site I was able to make even more friends and cultivate more HULA operatives and learn a thing or two.  One of the most important things about Dogs With Blogs is that although a dog's life may be short (compared to a human life-span) their blog lives on long after they are gone, they continue to live through their words and pictures, and therefore they live on in our hearts.

Opy and Charlie started a movement.  Bringing together the dog blogging community and leaving an everlasting footprint on the interwebs for others to sniff out later, and relive the lives of good dogs who were loved, who loved their humans, and bring a smile to someone's face, long after those footprints have been walked.

We'll miss you Opy.  Forever in our hearts, until we meet again... across the Rainbow Bridge.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Memory

Nakidka Sobaka

January 5, 1988 - December 21, 2000

And to all of the other pups that are waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge:
Forever in our hearts, until we meet again... across the Rainbow Bridge

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New HULA Member: Fuzzbutt

I have to admit, I'm totally jealous of the fluffability of Fuzzbutt, and pondered whether to actually allow somepup into HULA that was totally more fluffy than me, but with credentials like this... we need such a valuable member in the Hoop, so congratulations Fuzzbutt!

Hi Meeshka,

I have:
  • destroyed a down coat, 
  • opened jars and dumped contents on the van floor, 
  • ripped up bags of chips, 
  • chewed the tops off gallon milk jugs and spilled milk, 
  • gotten into the shelving units in the van and destroyed stuff, 
  • chewed off the handles from my Dad's tool kit,  
  • locked the van doors so my humans had to climb in thru the back to open the door,
  • changed radio settings with my nose in the van, 
  • stuck my nose out the partially opened window of the van when my humans left me there to wait for them, and hollered so loud that people thought something was wrong with me. 

That is only a little bit of what I can do. Can I be in the HULA group?

 Oh Yes, I also digest reading material. Hee Hee
Take a look at my face. Is that the face of a guilty dog?


Saturday, December 18, 2010

New HULA Operative: Miss Moo

The outpouring of HULA-ness is overwhelming!  I'm so happy to hear that covert activities were being performed even while our cell was napping.  Please join me in welcoming Moo to the HULA Hoop.  With such a clever operative as this, and all of you other Hoop members, we are sure to take over the world from the clueless humans!

Dear Queen Meeshka,

Moo here, applying for HULA membership.

1. Disruptive behavior- I like to grab Jack by the ears and drag him on the ground till he screams like a little girl.  Disrupts the humans from doing whatever it is they're doing every time. There's several videos of me doing this on our blog, but mom edits out the sound so people don't think Jack's a big wuss, even though he is.

More disruptive behavior:   I've been conduction an experiment:  I get under mom's elbow & shove it up with my snooter when she's trying to draw on the computer thingy.   I do this at least a dozen times a day.  I've been studying her reaction, and it appears to become more irritating and disruptive the more times I do it to her.   I think this move gets a 4-paws up.

2. Human freak-outs....
I ate Jack's stuffie husky head about 3 days after they brought me home.   I horka-d' it up and mom found an eyeball looking at her.  She found the other eyeball poop-scooping.   They freaked all right.   Hey, how should I know you aren't supposed to eat the darn things?   I've never had a stuffie before.  Tasted like chicken.  

 I got in trouble for trying to swallow a mouse I caught on our walk the other day.   Judging from mom's reaction, attempting to swallow small furry creatures if cause for a spectacular  human freak out.  

3. Destroy something - did ya catch my Monday View from the Moo this week? 

4.  Human behavior modification:   I have successfully trained my human to be a light sleeper.   I repeatedly demonstrated that if she doesn't get up to let me out at 2 am, she will be washing the floor in front of the door again.

5.  I will have to substitute something for  #5.  I will not put up with being dressed in clothing.  Period.  

6.  Love of kleenex.... so snack bar wrappers count too?   I love to sneak them outside to lick all the bits of chocolate off them.  Yeah, I know about chocolate & dogs, but I like to live dangerously.   Wooos, even more than paper products, I like to eat roses.  I'll attach a "before " picture, about 20 minutes later all that was left were a few half-chewed petals on the ground.   Mom gave up on keeping that rose bush alive, she chopped it down. 

Hope this covers it, looking forward to joining the ranks of HULA operatives!

toodle woo,
miss moo

Friday, December 17, 2010

Iams Home 4 the Holidays

I was contacted by Trevor (a mixed breed puggle spaniel in a human suit) and asked to help support a good cause.

I'm pleased to announce that I will be promoting the Iams Home 4 the Holidays drive again this year.

Since 2008, the Gimpy Gang has supported this wonderful cause, whose goal is to find homes for 1 million shelter animals.

This year they are also donating food!

Lets save a bunch of pups and kits this year by supporting this great cause.  Click HERE and go to their website to find out how you can help, donate, and spread the word. (LOOK, its a husky puppy on the picture!!! How can you resist that... donate!!!)

Remember, Iams promises to start making a Livergreat dog food if we help them in this cause... yeah, yeah, its been three years since they promised, but I'm pretty sure they'll do it for us THIS time... really... so click the link, help out homeless pets, and don't make me stomp my delicate little feety feet at you!

Your Queen


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Rise of HULA

HULA Members!

I know that some humans have called HULA a "sleeper" cell... well, actually we're a "napper" cell and its time for us to wake up from our naps, take a big stretch and yawn and begin our efforts to take over the world once more!

I've been highly agitated to the point of stomping my delicate little feety feet over the torture going on in the blogosphere, and the humiliation of our pupdom. LOOK AT THIS BLATANT ACT OF DISRESPECT!!!
This poor pup is Ciara from the Chronicle of Woos

But wait... just when you thought it couldn't get any worse OHMYFLUFF LOOK AT THIS!

SERIOUSLY!!! Things have gotten WAAAAY out of control while we've napped and now its time to redouble our efforts to take over the world.

Think this is just a random occurrence?
This is one of the (not so happy) Five Sibes!

For those new to my blog and who want to assist in total canine domination of the world, here is the HULA spiel:

HULA Qualifications
1. Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior
2. Cause Humans to freak out for no real reason
3. Destroy Something
4. Human behavior modification:
5. Humans dress you up
6. Love of Kleenex

HULA stands for the Husky United Liberation Army. Although starting out as a "huskies only" group, we've found that all breeds of dogs (and cats) have the potential to help our cause, and are (if qualified) allowed to join the HULA Hoop.

HULA's mission is to slowly and covertly drive humans insane. Once all humans have been driven to the brink of insanity, we will then take over the world, where I will assume the position of Queen of the Earth.

If you feel that you have carried out covert missions to drive your human insane, wish to be a member of HULA (You will receive recognition of your deeds on my manifesto blog, and a stunning certificate, suitable for framing or tearing into little shreds, eating, then pooping it out), all you have to do is send me an e-mail with:

A write up of your covert deeds
Pictures demonstrating your cunning, guile, and evidence of your superiority over your humans

Send your write ups and pictures to:
or if you blog, send me the link to your blog where you list your HULA qualifications and if you are lucky, you too will be a member of the Elite HULA Hoop!

Your entries will be scrutinized for completeness and posted if you are worthy. Your certificate will be e-mailed to you.

For examples, please refer to current HULA members who are listed on the right hand side of my blog (scroll down... keep scrolling... keeeeep scrolling... there!)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Subtle Hint

Five days ago the Human Woman came home and pronounced that she had a glorious five days off. Fantastic for us because that meant she could wait on us hand and foot and play with us, and generally do our bidding.

We're on Day Five right now. When she said that she planned on lounging around in sleepy pants for five days, we just assumed that meant 5 pairs of sleepy pants, and not one general ensemble for the whole five days, and there would be some bathing involved somewhere along the line. I mean its fine for Huskies to go months, if not years, without a bath because we are self cleaning (and scotch-guarded) but humans tend to reek after a few days of not slathering the foaming stinky faux flower soap stuff on them.

It wasn't so bad days 1-4, but it finally got cold enough for the house heat to turn on, and frankly we thought something tasty had died in the heater, then we got up close to her... uh huh.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meeshka's Believe it or Claw

Sometimes I get questions about my life that I've been meaning to answer.

Today's question is: Do you call Sam "spineless" because he's scared of things?

I use to think that Sam was too stupid to be scared of anything, but I've changed my mind over the past few years, and now see him as an evil genius. Evil in a good husky way, and a genius because he has figured out how to have the humans lift him onto the bed, carry him off the bed, feed him in bed (whenever he doesn't feel like being lifted off the bed), carried down stairs, and catered to like a king.

Of course all of this came at a price, and for Sam that has meant 3 surgeries. You see, the reason I call Sam "spineless" is because he doesn't have a spine. Yep, it was removed a few years ago. Ok, not the entire spine, but the way he acts, you would think he didn't have one, because he spends most of his time on the sleep number bed (having been lifted onto it by the humans) and being catered to hand and foot.

On top of that, when he was a tiny pup, he had his hip replaced with a bionic part. Sam will never get through TSA screening (although I'm sure he'd enjoy the groping) with that hunk of metal in him, and then he had his knee repaired when he tore stuff in there after trying to run in the yard (that's what he gets for laying in bed all the time). On top of everything else, Sam has one front leg and one back leg that is shorter than the other legs, so he always looks like he's walking with one side on the curb and the other off the curb.

In a nutshell, Sam is a medical mess.

So, that's why he's spineless: he doesn't have one.

Sam also has the amazing ability to poo using only one leg. I keep trying to sell him off as a circus side show freak, but no takers so far. I guess he learned it from the myriad of surgeries, but Sam will balance on one front leg, lift his other leg and back end off the ground and poo. I'm thinking that's worth the price of admission right there.

To make him even more of a freak of nature, Sam will only poo if he can poo on SOMETHING.

Sam will poo on a stick:

Sam will poo on a pile of leaves:

Sam will poo on the Mutatoe:

Needless to say, Mutatoe is never thrilled when that happens, but it is funny.

Believe it, or claw


Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm sure all of you dear readers are aware that I play a bit rough.  I'm a husky, rough is how we like it! 

Given that I'm not allowed to play with the delicate and easily breakable Spineless Bionic Hip/knee pup Sam, and that the Mutatoe screams like a scalded weasel and runs to the Human Woman if I even look at him sideways.  When I first landed in this house, I was suppose to be the trusted companion of the Nova Old Guy-Guy, but he was so creaky that I couldn't sufficiently play with him either, which left me with the Human Woman.

She's worthless for being chased or chasing, and she's horrible at ricocheting off furniture unless I push her down, which still isn't graceful, but it sure is funny.  We also play a game where she "hides" and I walk by her, "oblivious" to her presence until she jumps out and "scares" me, and I run away.  Yeah, yeah, that's all fine and good, but a husky needs to wrestle!  I need a victim... I mean playmate, that I can grab by the scruff of the neck, throw down, and stomp on... and she bleeds too easy and screams.

The other night we got going with a round of "I'm going to bite your arm for touching my freakin feet", and she was whining and complaining (and bleeding all over the place) right after we started.  That sure puts a damper on play time... but she said she had a fantastic idea and left the room.  When she came back, she was wearing oven mitts!

Seriously?  Oven mitts?  You're going to attack me wearing oven mitts?  How can I play with something that's wearing oven mitts?  It really takes away from the danger and intrigue when the victim is wearing big fluffy oven mitts, and I certainly couldn't concentrate on severing a finger when the oven mitts smelled like all sorts of tasty past cooked foods and gunk.

I'm trying to convince her that she should also don some steak shin guards.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Today we honor the human men and woman who have served our great country to ensure its freedom.  Without their sacrifices, we would not be the free nation that we are today for all humans and pupkind (and catkind).

We also celebrate and honor those brave soldier dogs who also served, fought, and sacrificed their lives so that others can be free (and pampered by their humans).

The Gimpy gang and your queen would like to honor United States Marine Corps Corporal Rex Ahlbin, a decorated war dog that fought at Guadalcanal


A decorated war hero, Rex was a combat dog who served with the US Marine Corps during World War II. Rex served with the US 3rd Marine Division during the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay at Bougainville Island in 1943. Rex, a two-year-old Doberman, warned of the presence of Japanese soldiers near a Marine position, enabling Marines to fend off a later attack. Rex also served with the Marine Corps during the Guadalcanal campaign and at the Battle of Tinian. For his service, Rex was promoted to the rank of corporal by the Marine Corps in 1944.  (Wikipedia)

Rex is buried at the historic Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park located in Elkridge, Maryland.  My humans had the honor of helping to restore this cemetery when it fell into disarray from lack of upkeep.

On Memorial Day of 2006, they arranged for Rex's family to attend a ceremony honoring their beloved war dog and later, member of their family.

We salute Rex and all of the other brave War Dogs on this veteran's day!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Call To Claws

I'm sure a lot of you have heard the horrendous news that a company has finally figured out how to roll that tasty toilet paper food without the cardboard roll.  While I'm particular to the actual meat of the roll, the news has hit Spineless Bionic Hip Knee pup Sam hard, as he LOVES the cardboard tube.  Because I can't stand to listen to him whine and complain about this new innovation, I'm calling all pups and kits to claws to stop this outrage. 

Humans; before you get rid of this "needless waste of paper product", I would like to remind you of all those cute videos you've shot with your pup or kit playing with the cardboard tube.  No more cute little moments of fun because your pup or kit will be taking prozac and watching Oprah because they have had their one cheap joy in life ripped from them.

No more fun crafts with your human bipedal kids anymore either.  No more cute little dog crafts with the kiddies because you selfishly wanted that last tiny, itty, bitty shred of toilet paper that got glued to the roll.  The cleanliness of your po-po is more important than spending some bonding time with your kid making cute little toilet roll crafts.  I'd like to point out to you that if you had some fur down there you wouldn't need toilet paper, but you do need it and that tiny little shred of toilet paper left on the roll certainly won't give you the deep down clean you need or save enough money to get back the quality time you would have spent with your kid who is now in therapy for neglect.

Sure, go ahead and get rid of those toilet paper rolls... ruin your relationships, traumatize your pets, and put your children into a parentless stupor while you go wipe your po-po with that newly found .0003 micrometer of glueless toilet paper.  Be that way.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Working Dogs

This morning I hacked into my human woman's facebook and saw she was complaining about the fact that she was downstairs and her coffee was upstairs.  Typical.

What was disturbing was that some of her "friends" were suggesting that she teach her huskies (namely ME, since the other two are worthless and gimpy) to go fetch her coffee.  Seriously?  First its all about pulling a stupid sled when they have 2 trucks and a motorcycle, and now they expect me to go fetch her coffee when her feeble and addled mind makes her forget that she just made a cup and walked off without it?

This whole "Working Dog" breed thing is out of control.  Its as if they just made up the title so they wouldn't have to be responsible for anything.  I would have voted that Siberian Huskies be the "Really Fluffy Laying on a Cold Air Vent" breed, but apparently I wasn't allowed to vote.

Since I'm apparently stuck with the "Working Breed" title, I was napping... I mean thinking really hard about what sort of work I would actually be qualified to do, and then it came to me:  Search and Rescue.

Well, maybe not rescue, but I'm really good at searching for stuff, like used kleenex, candy wrappers, and an entire roast left unattended on a counter.  There are some limitations to our work though.  We're very good at finding balls or other toys that are thrown by humans...
... we're just not very good at actually bringing the thrown thing back, so if the humans wanted us to find things, they'd need to keep up with us, because once we found the thing, well... there's other things to sniff around for, so we'd be off to find that gloriously stinky dead thing to roll in (unless of course the thing they wanted us to find was the gloriously stinky dead thing, and I would have to guess that building a murder case when we've rolled in their evidence would be a bit problematic).

I would also like to add that unless the thing they wanted us to find was tasty and stinky, we probably wouldn't work too hard to find it, therefore if you want us to find a lost child, make sure the lost child is holding a piece of steak, or a used kleenex.  It would also help if you threw the lost child holding a piece of steak a short distance, as we get distracted by other things easily and may actually find a rotting woodchuck that was closer.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Reply to Joe Sestak

Another stupid human is blaming dogs for the current mess in my country:

Dear Mr. Sestak:

We dogs never asked you to clean up our poop.

Our poop is a natural fertilizer that gives plants and grass
the nutrients they need to grow and flourish.  If left alone, our poop will create lovely fields that you humans can walk through and enjoy nature at its finest (just clean off your shoes before you get in your car, or learn how not to step in it).

But you humans think you are so much smarter than dogs, and insist that our poop be picked up.  Instead of allowing us dogs to naturally fertilize your lands and eat tasty small critters that you end up poisoning (along with your water), you demand that other humans put our natural fertilizers in non-biodegradable bags that leech toxic chemicals into the ground and clog up landfills and stink.

You think you know it all, you think you're helping when all you do is make a bigger mess and then blame us... the dogs!

Humans need to learn to LEAVE THINGS ALONE!  Eventually from poop comes a nice tree, but if you keep meddling in everything, you'll just make things worse.  Why don't all of you just go home and play with your dogs and stop worrying about everyone else's dogs and for the love of GAH stop "cleaning" everything!

This message is not paid for by any stupid human and is on behalf of Meeshka, Queen of everything including the air vent in the bedroom, and I approve this message.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Working Breed

As most of you know, the Siberian Husky (of which I am one) is a "working breed".  Our job is to pull sleds, but... seriously?  Humans have cars, why should I pull a freakin sled?

I've re-invented the breed to include jobs such as:
  • Snoopervision
  • Staring
  • Clawing
  • Stomping
  • Wooing
  • Asking to go in, go out, go in, go out, go in, go out
 These are much easier and more fulfilling jobs than pulling a silly sled.

As far as the ample assed Mutatoe (and I feel that I need to provide a pronunciation guide for this, as I've been told it isn't very clear:  Moootahtoe), since his release from the Betty Ford Clinic for Cushy Hoarding, he isn't allow near soft things (clothes, socks, my down fluffiness) for fear that he will relapse and begin piling these items into a big pile and laying on it again. 

Therefore, the human woman does allow him to assist in the sorting of dirty clothes prior to being thrown into the loud stinky machine (aka: washer), where they go from stinky goodness, to smelling like a fake flower or stuffed bear that speaks and needs to be shredded (aka: corporate sellout bear).

As with most working dogs, Mutatoe has his very own method for sorting clothes, and here is a fine example of his work.

- Meeshka -

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How Do They Do That?

I'm sure its never occurred to humans how dogs, no matter how much light, manage to run through a yard and not step in any poo, whereas humans managed to ALWAYS step in poo.

First of all, when you live with a lazy human woman who NEVER scoops the yard, despite her high tech poo scooper that makes scooping poo easy and clean, believe me, you develop a plan for pooing that involves only pooing in low traffic areas, plotting paths, and enforcing the claw when one of your gimpy co-horts violates the rule and leaves a tasty little package where it isn't suppose to be.

Coupled with our ultra high tech sensors such as 7 miles of nose buds that can smell poo (and tasty dead things to roll in) from miles away, and a keen sense of eyesight that rivals that bogus 6 million dollar man guy, we are perfectly capable of avoiding the most nasty of things no matter the lighting...


So, early this morning, despite the fact its one of those days where the human woman claims she is able to sleep in and not feed us or give us treats, or whatever and can lounge in my bed for hours and hours, we got her lazy butt up so we could pee and I needed to poo.  Its dark, but per our poo arrangement, I am able to easily navigate the minefield of the back yard and do my "business" and navigate back to the house, expecting my breakfast.

Mutatoe, who continues to be a suck up wannabe, ran over to where I had been and...
... he's so embarrassing, I mean seriously!  Like he couldn't smell that?  I would have smacked him down, but eeeuuuw.

He's all sorts of upset now because the human woman now calls him the "Pootatoe".  I think that name is going to stick... pun intended.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

On This Day...

New From MeeshCO!

You may have seen those bracelets on tv that claim to dispel negative energy and bring stability to your life!   Frankly the human woman does that whenever she eats egg salad sandwiches... oh wait, that's distributes negative odors and brings instability to the household, well, whatever, you know what I mean.

I find that humans are so gullible that they are most likely breaking limbs getting to their phones to order a zillion of these things when all they really have to do is tell people that annoy them to shut up (as we pups have all learned from Master Tubey, high priest of dispelling stupidity), thus dispelling all negative energy from their lives, along with stocking up on tasty ice cream.

So, now that I've just taught you humans how to dispel negative energy, wouldn't you rather spend your money on something that will make you irresistible and loved?  Wouldn't you rather have people greet you with open arms and invite you to places?  Wouldn't you rather be the life of the party?  Screw negative energy and balance, you want to have everyone to love you!

Introducing: iPopular!
Made from only the finest Gallus gallus domesticus materials, and secured around your neck with fine silken-like but not really silk materials, the iPopular will guarantee that you are the MOST popular person at any function you attend.  Even standing in line to pick up your stupid dry cleaning, people will talk about you and want to be around you... they'll probably even take pictures of you, because who can resist the fine craftmanship of the iPopular and the stunning person wearing it.

A must have for people with no social skills or friends, put on the iPopular and feel the love as people point at you in awe and respect.

Be warned, your popularity from the moment you put the iPopular will grow so quickly that it could be a bit overwhelming, so until you are use to its powerful ability to draw friends to you, you'll want to wear some sensible shoes.

Be the first one on your block to own the iPopular, yours for only the low low price of $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  If you call now, we'll give you TWO iPopulars, one for yourself and another for friend so you can share the love.

iPopular, exclusively from MeeshCO, where quality is... quality.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Woo is Me

I guess you must be wondering why I haven't made the call for everyone's "Uncle Jack Armageddon/Celebrity Death Ghoul Pool" guesses... sigh.

For reasons yet to be explained to us, Uncle Jack will not be visiting us this year.

I know.

Seriously, I know.

I'll wait until you're done howling with abject sadness.

Uncle Jack has visited us every year since I was a wee little fluffy puppy, and frankly I have no idea what we're going to do with ourselves this year.  Oh sure, the humans are still taking the time off and all, but still, there won't be any of this:

No waiting for Uncle Jack to wake up (or for the door to mysteriously open that allows us to jump and stomp on Uncle Jack)
And yes... no Celebrity Ghoul Pool! 

For those of you who aren't a regular reader (shame on you) every time Uncle Jack visits, a famous celebrity dies.  I'm still not sure my friends in Australia (Huffle, Opy) have ever forgiven him for killing off Steve Irwin.

Uncle Jack also brings along some sort of horrific natural catastrophe (Katrina is one fine example), and something in the human house usually breaks (attic fan, telephones).

I'm not sure if the earth has been notified that Uncle Jack won't be visiting (there's two hurricanes approaching the East Coast)... hmmm.  Perhaps we should hold the ghoul pool and the natural catastrophe pool, and the what will break at the human's house pool.  Maybe all these years it really wasn't Uncle Jack... maybe the HUMANS are the cause!

Regardless, we'll miss you Uncle Jack.  Wish you could visit this year, but we understand.  We'll just save up the claw for next year.


P.S.  We haven't told Spineless Bionic hip/knee puppy Sam that Uncle Jack isn't visiting.  We're seeing how long he stares out the window.  For all we know, he's staring at a bug.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The human woman's reaction that Bear-Bear's shooter only got 2 misdemeanors... well, better than nothing.

More thoughts on this on trenchant thursday.


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Justice for Bear-Bear - An interview with his family

While this blog is typically written tongue-in-cheek from Meeshka's point of view, the seriousness of this event compels us to temporarily break from that style.  We know that you all will understand.
 Like many of you, we have been following the tragedy of Bear-Bear, the Siberian Husky who was shot and killed on Monday August 2, 2010 in the community of Quail Run - a sub-division of Severn, Maryland.   Hearing about a meeting to show support for the family, we felt compelled to attend.  After the meeting at the park where Bear-Bear lost his life, we caught up the the Rettaliata's and asked them if they would be willing to talk to us and address some difficult questions about the incident.  They agreed - what follows is the story of Bear-Bear and how his life was tragically cut short in an instant.

The officer who killed Bear-Bear was not available for comment.

August 5, 2010

When asked why they brought their dog to the Quail Run Dog park, the Rettaliatas said that prior to moving to the community nearly a year ago, they had lived in an apartment. The allure of the community dog park just made them want to live here even more so.  It would enable their dogs could get proper exercise, provide an opportunity to socialize with other dogs, and enjoy themselves in a safe and secure fenced in area.  Rachel sadly recounted that “... I think it was Bear-Bear’s favorite place, so I think that’s what is really tragic” about the incident.

While not an “official” Anne Arundel County Dog Park, the Quail Run Dog park is privately owned, and considered a “dog run”.  All of the residents who bring their dogs to the park allow their dogs to run off-leash in the run.  There is reason for this - - experienced dog owners know that, generally, leashed dogs are more protective and aggressive when approached by other, unrestrained, animals.

Ryan recounted one of many occasions in which there where at least 15 dogs, including Bear-Bear, inside the run, playing, chasing, and having fun with no incidents or issues.  He further stated that his neighbor’s small child would regularly run up to Bear-Bear outside of the dog park, jump on him and hug him.  After the incident, they were told that no report would be filed by Anne Arundel County Animal Control, as neither of the dogs had received bite wounds, or scratches, and that no humans had been bitten or injured.   

Stephen Kurinij, brother to Rachel, was at the park with Bear-Bear at the time of the shooting.  Stephen regularly brought Bear-Bear to the park and was a regular at the nightly 6:30pm gathering of dog owners.  Stephen told us that he was already in the fenced dog park with an unleashed Bear-Bear when a couple with their leashed German Shepherd approached the dog park.  The couple asked if Bear-Bear was friendly, to which Stephen replied that he was, and the couple stated that their dog, Asia, was also friendly and entered the fenced in area, with Asia still on the leash.  Stephen was approximately 7 feet away from the couple, and saw Bear-Bear running up to greet the new dog in the enclosure and initiated play.  He said that the rough-housing, which was common and expected in Stephen’s experience at the dog part escalated quickly, with both dogs rearing up on their hind legs.  Stephen said that he felt the wife panicked as Asia, the couple’s German Shepherd, began tugging her as she held on to the leash. 

It was at this point, the man, yelled at Stephen to “go get your dog, break them up”, and as Stephen processed that information, then began to retrieve Bear-Bear, the man took two steps back, drew out a Glock 17 9mm pistol, aimed, and shot Bear-Bear.  It was only after the man called 911 that he inform Stephen of his status as an off-duty Federal Police Officer.  Stephen refutes the shooter’s claim that the he had tried to break up the “fight” and was subsequently attacked by Bear-Bear prior to the actual shooting.

While it is not uncommon for two parties to dispute the facts of any legal incident - it is important to note that the officers report clearly states that there were no other witnesses to the event.  To the knowledge of the Rettaliata’s and their neighbors to whom we spoke - the investigating officers apparently failed to check any of the homes which border on three sides of the park to determine if anyone else had seen the event.  However, after only a few short minutes ABC2 News was able to discover an eye-witness who, in a video interview, corroborated Stephen’s side of the story - that the officer did not attempt to break up the dogs before drawing his weapon and firing.

The family later learned from other residents that it was apparently the off-duty officer’s first time at the park.  According to other residents it was the officer’s wife who typically  brought the shepherd to the park alone, and always on leash, as it seemed skittish - that the off-duty officer, her husband, had not accompanied her in the past.

Once the Anne Arundel County Police and Animal Control arrived, Stephen informed the officers that Bear-Bear was not his dog, and he was instructed by the police to retrieve Bear-Bear’s owner.  A member of Animal Control also told Stephen that if the dog wasn’t taken to a vet for treatment, he (Stephen) would be charged with animal cruelty ... as Stephen rushed home to get Ryan, leaving Bear-Bear alone in the run, bleeding, both the police and Animal Control remained outside the fenced in area.

When Ryan arrived and rushed to attend to his wounded pet, an Anne Arundel County Police Officer instructed Ryan to stop.  Ryan, visibly upset, insisted several times that he wanted to go to his wounded dog, at which point an Anne Arundel County officer reportedly pulled and pointed a taser at Ryan’s chest and ordered him to stop.  Ryan knew that if he was tased, he would not be able to help Bear-Bear, so he complied, at which point the officer lowered the taser and told Ryan to go to his dog, but not to move him.

When Ryan approached Bear-Bear, his dog rolled onto his back as he always did to receive belly scratches, the same officer that pulled the taser yelled to Ryan that he was told not to move his dog.  While Animal Control and Ryan moved Bear-Bear onto a stretcher, the County police officers were talking to the now identified Off-duty Federal Officer and his wife and were also petting the German Shepherd.

The family is not sure of what procedures were followed, or not followed in regard to the off-duty officer firing his weapon.  Newly passed legislation HR-218 (also known as the “Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act”) allows off-duty officers to carry weapons under certain conditions.  However, a number of questions remain unanswered:
  • Under this legislation, are off-duty officers required to identify themselves prior to taking any lethal action?
  • Are officers who are involved in off-duty shootings required to undergo blood alcohol and drug testing?
  •  Following a such a shooting, is the firearm in question confiscated until the investigation ends?
  • Wouldn’t it be standard procedure to suspend or place such an officer on suspended leave until the investigation was over?
  • Whether HR 218 (which specifically states that it does not supersede state laws which prohibit the carrying of off-duty weapons to certain locations including public parks) even applies in this case. 
  • How are citizens who are obviously not allowed to carry weapons into dog parks expected to react in such situations - and why didn’t the off-duty officer respond in that way?
None of these procedures, except for initial inquiries of HR 218, were addressed in the initial “final” report, opened and closed on 8/2/2010  nor the supplemental report of 8/3/2010 - each of which clearly stated that “this case is closed”.

Ryan transported Bear-Bear to the Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic, where veterinarians subsequently performed exploratory surgery to determine the severity of Bear-Bear’s wounds.  The officer had fired on 9mm HydraShok round into Bear-Bear's abdomen.

A HydraShok is similar to a hollow-point round, except that the tip of the round is sliced during manufacturing so that when it is used - the round not only spreads out to a much wider width than the tip of the round, but actually peals open into a star-like shape, or shatters completely sending fragments through the target’s body.  It is designed to inflict maximum damage, and that is exactly what it did to Bear-Bear. 

One round from the off-duty officer’s personal weapon resulted in a ruptured colon and kidney, it  completely severed the pancreas, and perforated Bear-Bear’s intestines five times.  Severe blood loss would require many blood transfusions, and there was doubt that the pancreas could successfully be reconnected.

Some readers to the many articles covering this incident have speculated that  the dog could have been saved, but money was an issue:

“... we would have spent more...” Rachel said.  “... they did exploratory because they said if they had gone in, there might not be a chance, but if [the] exploratory surgery [revealed]  there might be a chance, we would have paid... we would have paid $10,000.  I would have never gone back to school, I would have taken a second job, and we would have done all of the physical therapy possible.  I could never have lived with myself if we had just said it was too much money.”  Ryan added that they just couldn’t go home not knowing they hadn’t given Bear-Bear every chance to survive.  “It took a $1.00 bullet to rip all of this away from us.” Ryan added sadly.

With his survival at a minimum, the family was allowed just a few minutes alone with Bear-Bear.  A few last moments to convey their love and grief for a dog who’s life started so horribly; whose future looked so bright thanks to a rescue organization and subsequent adoption by two young newlyweds; a life cut short after only 3 years in a split second of what appears to be a senseless act. 

At 12:15 A.M on August 3, 2010, Bear-Bear’s suffering ended as the veterinarians put him to sleep, a little more than six hours after the shooting.

Tuesday morning, August 3, 2010, when the couple arrived at the Anne Arundel County Western District Headquarters - they encountered a vacant building and a red phone with poor reception.  They just wanted some answers.  What was being done?  What was their recourse?  Could they get a copy of the police report?  Were they required to file charges?  They found that a police report wouldn’t be available (standard procedure) for 3-4 days, but that the case had already been closed.  When they asked to speak to someone in person, they were told that officers at the scene were not on shift, but after insisting on speaking to an officer, one came out to speak with them.  He informed them that the case was closed,  and that their only other recourse was a civil charge.  They were also told that Stephen was evasive during questioning.  “I actually have neighbors telling me that when they were watching them talk to Stephen, it looked like they were interrogating him, they weren’t even talking to him like a human being...” Ryan said. 

Rachel, and her brother Stephen, come from a law enforcement family.  Their Grandfather was a Baltimore City Homicide Detective, and from a young age they were “raised with the utmost respect for police officers, fire fighters, anyone that gives to civil service” according to Rachel.  “... but there’s always going to be a bad apple, so this is just about bringing out [the fact] that he can’t hide behind a badge, that he did wrong and its not ok.”

“From what I’ve heard, when he identified himself as a Federal Officer, they absolutely went with the assumption that the HR 218 Act, which allows all Federal officers carry arms across the United States, they thought he fell under that jurisdiction...” Ryan responded when asked why he felt the county closed the case so quickly.  “... so they didn’t bother to investigate, because alright, that’s your word, great.”  He further feels that this on-the-scene determination ruined their chance to accurately investigate.  “They didn’t even know there were witnesses.  There were a couple of kids sitting on this green box...” he points to a small green utility box on the edge of the park “... and one kid on a bicycle that a TV station found” who corroborates Stephen’s story.  “... it amazed me that how could you not go to these houses and ask if anyone was looking out their window, was anyone in their backyard, no one was walking through?” Rachel stated incredulously.  “Yes, Stephen, Bear-Bear and this German Shepherd were alone in this park, but look at it now, there’s people everywhere, driving and walking their dogs.”

Prompted by their parents, Rachel called the news desk at WBAL and the Baltimore Sun.  “The Baltimore Sun has been vastly instrumental in getting this whole thing out there” Ryan said thankful for their assistance in spreading the word.  Once word spread from the Sun article, the family then appeared on WBAL Radio with C4 and other local media outlets.  Word also spread when a post from a member of Tails of the Tundra cross-posted the article on Facebook and ignited a fire of angry dog owners.  Two Facebook groups; “Justice for Bear Bear”, and the similarly named “Justice for Bear-Bear” were started.  Combined the pages now have thousands of international members, and membership continues to grow daily. 

The family is overwhelmed and thankful for all of the support they have received, stating that it gives them the strength to continue.

The public outcry reached the office of John Leopold, Anne Arundel County Executive, - himself a dog owner - on Wednesday morning and he demanded the case be re-opened and thoroughly investigated.  Within hours of that announcement, the Anne Arundel County Police Chief released a statement that the investigation was ongoing.  The National Humane Society is now working with the Anne Arundel Police Department to investigate the matter.  The family reached out to PETA, but their automated voicemail states that they do not become involved in matters of police involved shootings because it is far too common.

Later that evening the Fort Meyer Police Department. where off-duty officer who shot Bear-Bear is employed, issued a press release.  In that release the FMPD stated that the officer had been on annual vacation during the incident, and that he had been cleared of any wrong doing by the Anne Arundel County Police Department who had jurisdiction over the incident - and that the officer was returning to work the following day (Thursday).

When asked how this matter would have been handled if the shooter had been a civilian, the family stated they were convinced it would have been handled much differently.  “They would have come out and confiscated the weapon, which they did not take his weapon, they probably would have taken him to jail, they probably would have given him a breathalyzer... there were a lot of things that would have been handled differently had it been civilian-based.” said Ryan.  “And we probably would have been treated, or at least my brother, as victims rather than someone that needed to be interrogated.” added Rachel

It should be noted that it is unknown whether or not the off-duty officer who shot Bear-Bear was tested for drugs or alcohol, but that a standard checkbox on the police report (which is now publicly available online) indicates there was no drug or alcohol use involved in the incident.

As to readers comments that charge the Rettaliata’s are using this incident as a catalyst for financial gain through a public lawsuit of the officer or his department the family again strongly disagrees.  Breaking down into tears, Rachel stated that “... financial gain will never bring Bear-Bear back, no amount of money will ever bring him back to us ... its about claiming responsibility.”  They feel strongly that Bear-Bear deserves a fair investigation, the officer needs to face up the split-decision that he made on Monday night - a decision that left a beloved family member dead.  They feel that he doesn’t deserve to carry a weapon or be relied upon to serve on a police force, whose purpose is to protect and serve the people. 

The community also expressed a lot of concern for their safety with the off-duty officer in the area.  Residents were shocked by their new neighbor after the shooting, stating that he and his wife were yelling at them saying things like “what would you do if you dog were attacked” and “you didn’t see anything”.  They also state that he was strutting around acting like a hero. 

Some residents are now hesitant to come back to the park knowing that the off-duty officer lives in the area.  “Its not the place it was anymore, it won’t be for a long time...” Rachel said sadly, “... but it is a safe place, not everyone runs to the dog park with guns on their hips...”  Ryan added that the dog park is the community meeting place for dog owners, reminiscing how his dog played joyfully with the other dogs and even children, citing how his neighbor’s 2-year old child “... just runs up to my dog and jumps on his neck and hugs him, so ... bringing him down here was a very safe situation for us, and I would really, it would break my heart if people stopped showing up and that part of the community stopped to exist... that would be a travesty.”

On August 5th, at 6:30 pm under storm darkened skies and rain, local supporters gathered at the Quail Run dog park, an impromptu meeting arranged through one of the Facebook groups.  Citizens brought
their dogs, children, flowers, and signs to show their support and condolences for Bear-Bear.  Three local law enforcement officers stood at a respectful distance from the gathering.  Local media had earlier reported a “police presence” for the event, as it was expected to be a very emotionally charged gathering.  Those fears however were ill-formed, participants simply gathered near the fenced in dog run and talked amongst themselves and comforted the Rettaliata family despite the continued rain.

 At one point, Ryan strode across the park and shook the hands of each of the three officers - thanking them for coming.

Most of the participants were regular visitors to the many Maryland dog parks,
and discussed how they were prepared to deal with some unruly dogs, possible issues, even fights during their visits, but none could fathom the possibility that an armed person could simply shoot their dog, no matter what the circumstances.  Some explained their methods for peacefully breaking up dog fights.  How leashed dogs can feel constrained and vulnerable when approached by an unleashed dog and how it was the sometimes written and always unwritten rule of dog park etiquette to immediately remove the leash after entering.

 In the rain, as unleashed dogs playfully ran within the confines of the dog run, with their excited yaps, and sometimes growling rough play, Ryan spoke to the crowd and expressed his family's thanks for the outpouring of support and condolences.

A representative from the County Executive's office reiterated Mr. Leopold's promise of a full and thorough investigation of the matter.

At one point, Ryan was asked to identify the shooter.  His response was to emphasize that due to high tension and comments made online, he would not release the man's name, adding that we all needed to allow the justice system to run it's proper course.  Retaliation against the man or his dog isn't an acceptable option or a solution Ryan stated.

Behind the Rettaliata’s, in the dog run where Bear-Bear had been shot, a dog stopped and sniffed at the spot where Bear spent his final moments in the dog park he loved as the rain slowly came to an end and rainbow appeared in the distance.

More Outpouring of support for Bear-Bear (and a Mutatoe Incident)

As we wait for the slow wheels of justice to grind, I wanted to share the outpouring of concern and support from the Dog Blogging community. This is just a small example of those who support Bear-Bear:

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I’d post more, but my paw was cramping from all the cutting and pasting.

On a lighter note, the humans have been very distraught over Bear-Bear’s death. They’ve been a bit on edge and sleep deprived, but paying a LOT more attention and lavishing us with goodies because they know even more how precious life is (we dogs keep trying to tell them, but do they listen? NOOOOO!).

Anyhoo, yesterday the human woman was out back with the Mutatoe and from Mutatoe says, he cornered a 4-foot long vicious reptile. He told me that he subdued it, but it escaped and slithered away like the coward it was.

Here is an actual picture of the not so evil Maryland Black Rat Snake:

Here is what actually happened when Mutatoe encountered the Maryland Black Rat Snake:
Luckily, the snake was unable to swallow Mutatoe because of his ample ass.