Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Reply to Joe Sestak

Another stupid human is blaming dogs for the current mess in my country:

Dear Mr. Sestak:

We dogs never asked you to clean up our poop.

Our poop is a natural fertilizer that gives plants and grass
the nutrients they need to grow and flourish.  If left alone, our poop will create lovely fields that you humans can walk through and enjoy nature at its finest (just clean off your shoes before you get in your car, or learn how not to step in it).

But you humans think you are so much smarter than dogs, and insist that our poop be picked up.  Instead of allowing us dogs to naturally fertilize your lands and eat tasty small critters that you end up poisoning (along with your water), you demand that other humans put our natural fertilizers in non-biodegradable bags that leech toxic chemicals into the ground and clog up landfills and stink.

You think you know it all, you think you're helping when all you do is make a bigger mess and then blame us... the dogs!

Humans need to learn to LEAVE THINGS ALONE!  Eventually from poop comes a nice tree, but if you keep meddling in everything, you'll just make things worse.  Why don't all of you just go home and play with your dogs and stop worrying about everyone else's dogs and for the love of GAH stop "cleaning" everything!

This message is not paid for by any stupid human and is on behalf of Meeshka, Queen of everything including the air vent in the bedroom, and I approve this message.


Holly and Khady said...

That's pretty low of that guy to use his dog in his political commercial! But, then again, most politicians are pretty low.

You make excellent points, as always!


Mango said...

Well, regardless of the message, showing poop is not going to endear me to a candidate. And shameless use of poor little Belle to further his campaign. Ish.


Huffle Mawson said...

Pffft to that man!

Ann said...

Don't let Budman near this guy - I'm sure he would want to lift his leg on him....okay maybe Budman should meet this guy!

Cyber-sibes said...

Oh yeah, he's a "real leader", he won't play politics. Can't you tell from his ad???

Well pawed reply, Queen Meeshka!

jack a-roo & miss moo

Sam said...

It's probably better that I don't know about this one...


Mika said...

The poop in my backyard stays where I put it (unless I accidentally deposit in the lava rock or my lovely grass area, then the people take a shovel and move it to where the weeds can get fertilized). I do have to say, those weeds (and some trees here and there) are growing real fast and healthy. The fertilizer for our trees are all naturale, made by yours truly. =) (Mom is too cheap to buy the chemical fertilizer and she swears she has been seeing less gophers when she moves some of my poop and puts them in the gopher holes.)