Thursday, November 03, 2005

Family Portrait

Yeah, yeah, its been awhile again, but I'm a busy dog with lots of things to do, like nap, and eat, and look cute and fluffy.

Here's a "family portrait" for everyone. Its about as good as we'll ever get, since the old guy Nova is morbidly afraid of cameras. Starting at the top left, that's old guy Nova, I'm under the desk in my rightful spot, Loki (the mutant) is near the bottom right, and of course, the amazing Sam.

I've heard a lot of reports that the humans dressed up huskies for a social event that they call "Halloween". Apparently the gist of that event is to dress up as something else, then go begging from door to door for food. Of course they don't share any of this food, but they do insist on dressing huskies up in ridiculous costumes to help them get more food. Who can resist a cute, fluffy husky dressed as something stupid?

Now that this silly little event is over, the humans are now plotting and planning their festive Holiday season. I know that turkey day is coming soon. I love turkey day. In my house (and it is MY house) the human woman slaves away all day in the kitchen and then eventually we get goodies. We tend to get goodies for a good week after the turkey day, so I declare that turkey day is the best holiday for huskies.

After turkey day is usually when the snow comes. I can't wait for the snow. I love the snow. They celebrate something else, but I could care less, as long as there is snow. Who could want anything more than snow. Even the humans seem to want the snow. They watch the tv and shout with glee when some idiot in a suit announces something called "closings". Huskies also like "closings" because that means we can go out and play in the snow more.

Well, the human woman changed the sheets on the bed again, just when I got them all nice and gritty. I have to go mess up the bed and get the sheets dirty again, just the way I like them.

Good night.


HanktheDog said...

It's true that humans seem to have a cleanliness fetish. Can't understand it.

IndyPindy said...

Hello Meeshka,

You poor thing! Languishing in your crate alone! The least they could do is leave you with a tasty peice of chicken or steak to make up for such neglect! And you are right, you should get to ride in the car for fun too!

You should ignore your humans and give them the cold shoulder after they get back from driving gimpy blind Athos. That will teach them!

Hayley said...

Oh, so cute, you guys! I can just picture you snuggling on the bed, all sweet and fluffy.

Maxster said...

Hey Meeshka,
Tell your two legged servants that Me Cody Hendrix and Amer and Inday are all planning a play date on Sunday somewhere TBD. Near Croftonish.
Amber is staying with me Saturday night, It is kind of a date, You know I like the older chubby girls.
Maybe you could come and we could meet Face to butt?
I need some sogly advice Hee Hee

The Marvulus MAxster

IndyPindy said...

Meeshka, I hear you may come to our Husky play date this weekend, I hope you can make it! I would be an honor to meet the original blogging Husky, the one who inspired me to start my own blog!