The Plague is in Town

Yep, the human man had it, now the human woman has it so its been quite a bonanza on the kleenex lately!

The human man was so drugged up at one point that he left an ENTIRE box of kleenex on the bed within easy reach of me. Granted, I prefer used kleenex, one should not look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that’s suppose to mean, ok, I actually know what that means, but its still stupid), so I made sure to shred every bit of kleenex that was in that box. The human woke up to a scene of outright kleenex carnage on the bed, which was funny (to me anyway). Even after changing the sheets and everything, we still find little bits of kleenex.

The human woman’s plague started on friday, she kept complaining that she wasn’t feeling well. After she came back from her hair appointment with her new “do” she didn’t look well either. Ok, the new “do” isn’t as abnormal as the last one, but I am constantly amazed how she complains about hair being in her face and the wearing of strange headbands and yet she consistently gets haircuts that let the hair fall right in her face. I have heard somewhere that you shouldn’t shave a human woman. Something about their hair not growing back right and they sunburn easy, or else I would sneak in with the clipper while she slept to keep her from complaining about her hair all the time.

Sammy had a sore on his butt, we aren’t sure where that came from, but we all noticed that he had it because he made such a big deal about trying to lick it. He doesn’t bend normally anymore, probably has something to do with the lack of spine, so he was on his cushy pillow contorting and making all sorts of disgusting noises trying to lick his butt. The humans took him into the bathroom, where all manner of medical procedures are performed (yeah, could they come up with the least sanitary room in the house to do that stuff in?), and apparently they licked his butt for him. Ok, I think they used something called “wet gauze pad” to do it, and then they wonder why the earth is being covered in trash, using a piece of cloth rather than their tongues. Eesh. They just took him back into the bathroom today and apparently his butt is much better, so I guess they won’t have to lick it anymore.

Back to the plague, the human woman (with her annoying “do”) keeps trying to sneak back into bed where she’s not allowed after 7 a.m. so I’ve been really busy herding, clawing, and pushing her out of the bed. She keeps saying that she needs to sleep so she can get better, but all huskies know that humans need to get up and move around, clean the house, feed and pet us or else they will never get better when they get sick.

(Waiting for Kleenex-fest to begin anew)


  1. Your poor woman! When she lies down, be sure to give her lots of kisses and paw her lots so she knows you are there for her. And sing, that helps.

    Maybe you could take her some tissue from the bathroom. The rolled-up kind. That way she'll have more to use and leave for you. Just grab the end of it and take it to her, and she can unroll it from bed.

    First take it to show the others and maybe pull it around the house a little to loosen it up for your human.

  2. You are so lucky to have kleenex fest! Our humans haven't been sick lately so no abundance of used kleenex. Don't be too hard on the human woman...if she gets too sick she won't be any good at all to you.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

    Oh, BTW, would you lick Sammy's butt for him???? I think not....cut your humans some slack...they are sick!

  3. Too bad you didn't get any pictures of your kleenex fest! That would have been great to see.

    So, what's the new do look like? I think we need a pic or drawing of that too!

    Way to keep the human woman awake. You do it soooo well!


  4. when our mom gets sick, she just sleeps and sleeps and lazy. so, we snuggle and snuggle and snuggle to keep her warm and get her well sooner.

  5. Woos and a-rooos,
    Oh Meeshka, careful eating plague-infested kleenex, you don't want to catch anything nasty from your humans. Maybe you can just sit on her head for awhile. Along with making her feel better, you can also rearrange that new "do".

    ~Star and the Jack a-roo

  6. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Oh Kleenex! You should have Loki take some photos before the humans had to clean it up. I am sorry the humans have the ickyness.

  7. Ooh--we bet the Kleenex thing was really fun. We will have to keep that in mind. We just happened on your blog and thought we'd stop and introduce ourselves.
    Hope your humans are all doing better! That butt thing isn't much fun either.

    Ozzie & Rocky

  8. Hope your humans are sharing those kleenex with you. also hope they are feeling better. we have had the plague at our house too.


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