Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thelma update

Hey Every husky,

I just got an update from Thelma. If you recall, Thelma didn't like to pull the sled so her human threatened to KENNEL her while the others went off to play and visit new places.

Here is her update:

Hi Meeshka,
The humans tricked me again!!!!

If you recall, I am the husky who is the fastest and most agile of all the huskies who live here (and there are LOTS of them, what with all those "foster" dogs coming and going) and my human decided I should haul her butt around on a sled all winter. I wanted to just run free through the woods but she would absolutely not agree to this. I am still steaming about that, actually-there are so many things to chase in the woods after all. But she said either I do it on the "trail" in a "harness" or I stay at home.

You wisely advised me to go along with her devious plan and pretend I was a sled dog until we went on that trip and then pull a Siberian strike and refuse to pull.

Well, here is where the trickery comes in. Somehow, some way that woman got me to love pulling. I do not know how it happened. I started out all wary and giving the evil eye and trying to back out of my harness and then all of a sudden we are flying down the road and I am having the time of my life! I can't help it-when she pulls out the harnesses I pretty much go bonkers and step into the harness all by myself (and this is just wrong-any Siberian KNOWS you have to refuse to give paws and twist your head when you are being harnessed!) And once I am hooked up on the "line", I just jump for joy and scream to go go go. I cannot help myself.

I have no idea what mind trick she is playing on me, but I now cannot wait to run in harness. She tells me I am a little dynamo and a pulling machine and the best sled dog she has next to Tag (oh, he SO lords it over me that he is in lead and I am back in the line, but we all know the wheel dogs are the most important) and she says I am going to be racing in her "A" team this year!

Looks like the humans won this round. But let me tell you, losing is sure proving to be lots of fun.

Here is a picture of me from Boot Camp, which btw, is a totally misleading name. I did not get ONE boot to chew the entire time. I am the gorgeous grey girl on the right in the picture. Notice my pretty blue harness, please. It compliments me well, don't you think?


I'm sure somewhere the Liver Crack Whiz comes to play in this dastardly plot.

Too fluffy and pretty to pull anything

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