Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Disgrace to us ALL!

Every husky, every dog, and every cat! ATTENTION!

The human woman and man came home today very distraught because they had just visited a local pet cemetary where the humans have allowed it to decay, rot and grow over!

The Rosa Bonheur Memoral Gardens pet cemetary is owned by evil and sick people who don't care that trees have fallen on the graves, that grass and weeds have grown so thick the humans had to dig to find them, and most are totally obscured! Memorials are sunken into the ground, damaged, and the sacred memories of loved pets like you and are are soiled and destroyed.


I call on all of you to do something about this! The humans in charge claim they can't do anything, even though there are rumors that the owners are planning to sell the land to put a strip mall on it! What will become of these loved ones????

I urge all of you to visit the site, there is a link that the human woman put on there that will tell you how to contact the Maryland Attorney General so you can tell him to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

There is also a link to sign a petition that will be sent to him, and also the humans plan on gathering people and equipment this spring to clean this sacred place of rest up, depending on the outcome of the actions by the state.

Please, I beg of you, don't allow our fellow pets to be remembered like this!

Meeshka (stomping feet mad)

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IndyPindy said...


That is very sad, especially since the name on the headstone in the picture is Loki!

My grandparents had their former pets cremated, then buried them together in the backyard by the shed. That way they will be together, since they were good friends during their lives.