Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm back, sorry for the lull

I received a concerned e-mail today from K and Kali asking me where I was.

I have to admit, the old guy Nova hasn't been doing very well lately, so the human woman has been spending more time with him. That means that the laptop is unguarded, but she password protects it from us (ever since that incident where she caught us ordering stuff from Petsmart), so I haven't been able to take advantage of the free computer. One of these days I'll hack through that password!

Total bed domination continues, although the humans have gotten smarter and put the old guy Nova outside a half hour before bed. He just walks around the yard over and over and then he's really tired and can't do like we planned where he wakes the humans up every 2 hours and we get more of the bed. I have to satisfy myself with slowly encroaching on the human woman's side where the head goes, and so far I've managed to train her into getting into bed without disturbing me (by curling up on a cute little ball with my tail tucked over my nose and gazing at her with my very pretty eyes) and squishing over as far as she can go to allow me enough room to stretch out. She even makes sure not to cover me up, because I'm so fluffy, I get hot easily, but she's very careful to make sure the covers aren't on me.

As I mentioned before, the old guy Nova is getting a bit more senile lately and requires a lot of extra care. We typically leave him alone because he's old, but for some reason, old guy doesn't like Sammy and does what he can to yell and bother him until they get into a screaming fit. Just today, old guy Nova (who doesn't have a cushy crate to call his own, he roams the house freely) decided to show Sammy who was boss and took a poo next to Sammy's crate. Sammy was very angry about this and took it out on Loki, who tried to take it out on me, but quickly realized that I would pile drive his head into the floor and decided to jump on the human woman instead.

Old guy Nova also pees in Sam's food bowl when he gets mad. Its not a pretty scene here in the house, what with the humans constantly steam cleaning with the stinky liquid that smells like fake flowers, and the old guy Nova yelling at Sam and Sam yelling back, and Loki peeping because he's a suck up and wants to go out because he drank a gallon of water and wouldn't let anyone have any, and frankly I'm about ready to go find a nice quiet place where I'm the ONLY cute and fluffy husky.

I'm exhausted from getting between Sam and old guy Nova and stopping their yelling, and chasing after the suck up mutant pawed Loki when he gets Sam mad by pulling his tail, and then having to herd the human woman around and tell her to give me kleenex treats, and move over in the bed, and feed us at our normal time. I tell you, this place would be a mess if it wasn't for me.

(planning on sprawling farther tonight)


Turbo the Sibe said...

We send best wishes to Nova. I'm having to deal with "the old girl" Niki. She's been with us for a couple months now. She's 13 and never lived with huskies before. So she's making up for lost time yelling at us.

IndyPindy said...

Awww, poor Nova! Wow, it does sound hectic Meeshka! It's a good thing you are there to keep things under control. But I do think that pooping next to Sam's crate is very funny!

cyber-sibes said...

Whew, we were worried maybe something bad happened to keep you from the computer, glad to hear it's only "stuff". Poor old guy Nova, getting old is just no fun, no matter what species you are. Hope they all realize how lucky they are to have you to keep order over there!