Saturday, July 15, 2006

Crock Pot Hot

Its hot outside.
Really hot.
Not only is it hot, its steamy hot.
Its no fun going outside, but today the human woman took me onto the deck and down into the new yard. She keeps telling me its the same yard, but its not, she can't fool me.
Amazingly enough, Sam and Loki was also in this new yard, but they went out the back door, so they should have been in the other yard, so I'm guessing that somehow they snuck into this yard without me seeing them.

Just in case I haven't mentioned lately, but Loki is a moron. Look how tiny and unfluffy he is, and yet he thinks that he's just like me.

He's been guardy with the special water bowl lately. It use to be the old guy-guy Nova's food bowl, up on a little stand so he could eat out of it and not hurt his old guy-guy neck. Since he doesn't need it now, the human woman converted it into a water bowl for us, and EVERYONE just has to drink out of it. Because its special. Loki thinks its HIS special water bowl, but I beg to differ, because everything in the house is MINE.

Just to torture him, I've been laying in the hall, or in the doorway, just so he can't get someplace. He knows that I'll leap up and slam his head into the floor if he tries to walk over me, so I've been doing my best between naps to find places he wants to go, and laying in his way. He gets so mad. Cracks me up.

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Cubby said...

You are bad, aren't you? I like to stand on and walk over Dakota, but I don't slam her to the floor! Might have to try it though...