Saturday, July 29, 2006


These are the new little HULA members that Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue (HTHNBR) just got into a foster home. Look at them, so cute, so maliable, so ready to cause chaos and HULA madness!

All of the pups were given names that start with a "V"... I suggested Vicodin, Viagra... but nooo, they wanted nicer names,

so here is Vaughn

This is Venus

This is Vice

This is Vince

Here is Viper

Here is Vy

And poor mommy Willow

Oh yeah, she looks thrilled.

You'll note that none of the pups even vaguely resembles mom (except for the blue eyes), so we're thinking they are part shepherd, but are ever so soft, squishy, fluffy, and have puppy breath!

(no puppies for me, I'm reproductive innards free)


Caryn said...

So cute! Good luck during the 'thon!

Turbo's Human said...

I like the looks of Vice!