Sunday, July 30, 2006

Look at the Giant Water Bowls!

Ok everyhusky, this is amazing! Kayna and Gordy have sent me pictures of their GIANT WATERBOWL!!

Look at the size of those bowls! I really like to wash my feet off before a meal, but I only have a little water bowl to do that. I tried to wash them off once in the white porcelan water bowl that the humans have in the little room, but they didn't seem to like that... and didn't want me to touch them with my delicate and dainty now very clean feet afterwards.

Kayne is actually bathing her entire self in the water bowl!

Little Gordy (who I'm sure is getting tired of being called Little Gordy, since he's getting to be a big husky now) shows the best way to get the best water out of the giant water bowl.

He can kill two birds... mmmm tasty birds... where was I, oh yes, he can wash his feet and have a tasty cool drink of water at the same time. I'm so jealous of these giant water bowls. I wish the humans would get me one, but I would prefer that they have it inside.

I use to have a nice water bowl that never ran out of water. I'd dig and dig and dig and clean my paws and dig and dig and dig... and then the human woman would scold me, but there was still plenty of water. It was the most amazing water bowl... they took it away from me though.

I don't know why, it was fun!

(a valet with a towel would be helpful when I wash up)


Charlie The Big Dog said...


Thats a big water bowl!

Cubby said...

Dakota said she used to have one of those big bowls. I prefer to stay dry.