Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ok, Where's the Snow?

The human woman just informed me that its suppose to get up to 104 for a few days this week.


I'll burst into flame if I go out in weather that hot! I can't carry all of this fluffiness and be expected to go outside to "do my business" if its that hot!

I want an indoor bathroom, just like the humans have, except that its a little patch of grass that I can piddle on. I also want a little room for privacy, like they have, and air conditioning, and some magazines to shred while I wait to piddle, like the humans have.


I'm a husky, and I'm going to have some serious talks with the humans about living in this awful, humid, bug infested, nasty state we live in. We need to move where it actually snows. Not that crappy once in a blue moon three flakes and they call it a blizzard and shut down everything snow.

Here's a picture of a time when it actually DID snow... then melted the next day (gawd I hate this state). Now THIS is snow!

I also don't mean the type of snow where its all fluffy cold snow one minute and then a block of ice the next where the human woman breaks out the cam-corder to film us falling on our fluffy butts. I want fluffy snow for at LEAST three months. I want to curl up in the fluffy snow, and dream of pulling a sled (but not actually be required to pull a sled, I'm delicate), and just have some nice cold snow!

I'm going to refuse to go outside, and if you hear of a newscaster with a story (and film) of a fluffy husky bursting into flames when thrown outside... that will be me.

(gonna borrow the ice chest and lay in it)


Turbo the Sibe said...

Niki, the old lady Sibe at our house, has decided she prefers peeing inside to going out into the hot!

DustyDoodles said...

Hey Princess Fluffy! It's hot here in Cali-for-nia for about 4 months outta the year. We have 100 and more days most of that time. Today it was 105 and tomorrow it's gonna be 107. Tell your hooman you must have a pool! It sure feels good when you run out and pee and plop your fluffiness in the water and it makes the humans shreik when you run back in and sit on their sofa thing!! Another thing to help with the heat -- OTTER POPS!!! My hooman says they may not have them wherever you live, but have your hooman check for them and if she can't find them, my hooman says she can make you some with CHICKEN brooth stuffs. YUMMMY in my tummy!

Blue husky wannabe said...

Hi Meeska

I love reading your blog! I'm a husky mix which means I have great husky qualities but also some lazy lab traits too.

I'm damn hot around here also. Then if you can believe it, my slave-human's sister is here from Belize and actually turned off my fan!!! Hello, that is my fan you are not supposed to touch it. I don't really care if you live in the rain forest and crap. I'm a damn 1/2 fluffy dog and need a fan.

I feel for you. I will say though that I get lots of great snow living in IL. Sorry your humans suck and don't know where to live.

Paws to you

Quinn said...

Hey Meeshka

Here are some tips from one hot husky to another:




Cubby said...

You sound just like my mom. She's from Chicago and thinks that Texas is a bad bad place. She longs for snow and hates the 100 degrees, too.