Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Things We Put Up With

Ok, so we're cute and fluffy, and I've complained about this before, but look at the stuff they force us to do.

Here's poor Meeko. He's a dog without a home. He's part husky, part... well... who knows what, but he's a nice enough guy, and since he's at least part husky, the rescue is trying to get him a nice cushy home.

Right now he lives in a kennel (cuz there's no room for him in a real home at the moment), so he gets to come to a house on the weekends sometimes... and they do this to him:

Can you imagine that?

Meeko also writes:
"These humans are nice, but not too bright. Indy's dad took me for a walk early this morning. It was really hot out, and he was all sweaty. He took off his socks and shoes when we got back inside, and he left those deliciously sweaty socks lying on the floor.

Later when Indy's mom got up, she took me for another walk. When we got back, she gave me some nice fresh water and then she took something called a "cooling mat" out of the freezer, put it on the kitchen floor, and tried to get me to lay down on it. Uh, no thanks. I just got a bath the other day, and that thing is all well. Nooooooo way!

Then she said "Is it me, or does Meeko's breath smell like sweaty feet?" Then those silly humans were checking to see what else smelled like feet. They sniffed the cooling mat, wondering if it was mildewed, and sniffed some other stuff in the kitchen. Then I walked up to Indy's dad and licked is face, and he said "'s definetely his breath. It smells like he was sucking on a gym sock."

So they keep their tasty socks out, then blame the poor thing for taking advantage of the stinkiness... its apparently OK to drap a towel on him and take a picture of him, and then tell him he has gym sock breath. Poor thing, he'll never get adopted at this rate.

To see Meeko's page, go to:
Meeko' page

Someone please adopt this poor guy, he's goofy, but very nice.

(try putting a towel on me and you'll see the better edge of a claw little missy)


Dusty Doodles said...

Boy with that Rottie background, we could sure use him in HULA. I hope he finds a good home soon. I'll include him in my nightly woo's.

Charlie The Big Dog said...

God gave you teeth - Get RIPPIN DOGFRIEND!
They'll never do it again :-)