Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Barney, honorary Husky

During my blogathon recuperation, I happened to be cruising the human news sites and came upon this article: Dog goes berserk, destroys Elvis' teddy bear

This is stupid on so many levels, I don't know if I can cover them all, but I'll give it a shot.

1.) I'll never understand this human compulsion to save old things, try to keep them in pristine condition, lay a huge price tag on them, and then mourn their loss even though it was never used or appreciated for what it actually is. Stuffed toys are for FUN. They should be used, abused, and played with. They should be valued for what they are, used for what they are meant for, and remembered for the fun they gave you in the time that they "lived" (in my case, a stuffed toy has a life of approximately 3 seconds, but wow, what a fun 3 seconds).

2.) Using a guard dog to guard stuffed animals. This is almost as stupid as having a cat guard an aviary, and then being shocked when you come in and find mounds of feathers, dead budgies, and one very happy, well fed, and tired cat. Would humans allow a human alcoholic to guard a distillery? Probably not, but apparently they thought nothing of locking this poor, bored puppy in with a whole slew of stuffed animals... taunting him, laughing at him... its a wonder any of them survived. Why is this a shock and news to everyone that this poor guard dog had a ball in a stuffed animal museum? What moron thought this would be a good idea? Hey, lets get a dog to guard stuffed animals, because dogs certainly don't enjoy ripping stuffed animals to shreds!

I'm sure there will be outrage over this "incident" and I hope that Barney will not meet a cruel end as retribution for tearing apart "priceless" stuffed animals. Instead of sticking those things in a museum, how about giving them to poor children or animals so they have something to play with. How about those people, instead of paying money to go in and see some stuffed animal that some guy that made some records had as a kid, take that money and buy a kid or dog a teddy bear.

In Huskyworld, you certainly won't see the Museum of Foods Dropped on the Floor by Humans. Heck no, because we dogs know how to appreciate things as they happen, so there won't be much to display at that museum... but we will talk and revel in our dog blogs about the steak that didn't get away.

(live in the now humans, cuz there may be no tomorrow)

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Tara Roswitha said...

Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. Barney did the right thing. I am sure that Elvis would not want his personal items on display for everyone to gawk at. I hope that Barney gets to live a good life away from guarding humans silly things.