Friday, August 25, 2006

Come One Step Closer...

Come One Step Closer...
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Everyhusky (and dog), you've made some good arguments about keeping very small children around instead of banning them.

Yes, they are much smaller than large humans, and do have a tendency of dropping tasty things on the ground for us. They are messy eaters, and with their short stature, are easy to lick clean.

I do agree that they must be "debarked" though, as they tend to be screechy and whiney, and I get enough of that from Loki. We'll have to figure out how to segregate them off somewhere until they grow up large enough where we can weed out the bad apples, and use the good ones to wait on us hand and foot. We'll figure that all out once we take over though.

My humans have vowed never to bring the little rug rats into the house ever. I'm glad they've decided this, as they are messed up enough, let alone breeding them. I don't think they would pass any of the required certifications as the human man's back is all messed up and he takes pills for stuff. The human woman is gimpy as well, only one working opposable thumb and she's always swigging something called Dimetapp or Nyquil. Not to mention those selfish-grains she gets that require us to tap dance on her head.

I also wanted to assure Woofwoof that all monies have been received and accounted for on the blogathon. I've also received word that no monies were used in the purchase of new sleepy pants or other personal items. The human woman hasn't been sporting any new sleepy pants (believe me, you'd get a picture of that).

We're pretty excited here tonight. The humans brought in a huge bag that smells like that tasty fish and sweet potato food, so we all can't wait for breakfast. We think we're going to wake them really early tomorrow. They also mentioned something about tooth cleaning food, which I'm not too excited about, but my teeth are getting a bit dingy, so I guess if its tasty and brings back my lovely white smile, I'll give it a shot.

Ok, that's about it for tonight, I have to take my nap so I can wake the human woman up sufficiently early to get my new tasty food.

(dreaming of fish and sweet potato goodies)


JustMeCopper said...

My Mom ate some mix tonight made of nuts, raisins, chocolate chips and M&M's. She never shares with me ... sometimes a nut or two. Let me now what teeth cleaning stuff you get.

Dusty Doodles said...

Banning those kiddles just isn't right Meeshka. I am going to be helping Da Sister teach them and she also does a humane care of dogs program with all her kiddles. So I think any kiddles that Da sister and Doodles teaches should be automatically excluded.

Raisa Husky said...

Mmmm... Potatoes! I love potatoes! Save some for me, pleeeeeeease!

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hey Meeshka,

My stupid dad used to get those grains that he wouldnt share. The only way he could get rid of them was to sleep them off. He went to a doctor he had never seen before (Not Doc Meepenstein:-) and he gave him these little blue pills, and he has never had those grains again - pretty cool huh! He has to have one everyday, but he doesnt mind because now he can play with us HEAPS more instead of having to go to bed all of the time.
And My humans visit USA every few years, they say its to visit their friends, but I think its just to by Nyquil because they cant get it here, and they always bring back lots:-)
Humans are stupid:-)


Kaluah-lu said...

Wait... are you looking at me? How unfair is this! Dogs don't see blue, you know. Do those things work?

Cubby said...

I vote to ban the kids. While sometimes fun, they have a tendency to whomp you over the head and chase you with remote control cars.