Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Positioning for the Attack

Positioning is everything when you are stalking your prey. The closer you get, the more your can hear the rustling of them waking, moving about, and are better prepared for leaping at your prey the moment the door opens.

A happy, fluffy greeting is essential to making sure that your guests feel loved and wanted. They least expect to open the door and be bombarded with happy fluffy clawing puppies.

Then, the moment arrives, you hear the doorknob turn, and you leap to your feet, spring to action, and your first move is to leap on the door to push the human prey back and off balance. That's when you can claw mercilessly your greeting. MORNING!!!!! GOOD MORNING!!!!

This morning I managed to get a good rear vantage point and did my leap and claw the back routine. It was wonderful watching Uncle Jack squirm.

Its going to be a boring day today because it is raining, and there's no way I'm going out in that. Too cold, too wet, it makes my fluffiness lay down and I don't like that.

(just say no to rain)


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Very interesting stalking position!

I'll have to try that. I usually herd humans around a bit and then stalk if they look like they're gonna get out of the group or something.


Michelle said...

Awh, she's got her ears back! My Tashi does the same thing when Don comes home from work: jumps up, puts her ears back, and wags like mad. I love watching it, because so much of the time she's all about cultivating an attitude of bored cool. When she does this greeting, we call it the "ears back/tail flying" position. As in "I guess I'll need to get an actual job outside the house if I ever want to get the ears back/tail flying treatment my own self."

Charlie The Big Dog said...

WOW - Nice pack-skills you guys!