Saturday, September 02, 2006

Uncle Jack will be here soon

I've been spending most of my day being a really big pain.

We slept most of yesterday, since it was raining and the only other thing to do was to sit in the rain, which is out of the question. So we napped most of the day, then went to bed early, which means getting up bright and early and ready to play.

The human woman wasn't in the play mood, I guess, since she's still stiff and sore from her trip (get it, I made a human joke), so I made sure to claw her, and bump into her, and bounce on her. Its all theraputic of course, since it'll make her get better faster if she's moving around avoiding the claw.

Tropical Depression Ernesto was quite a dud, although we do have plenty of tasty branches to chew on and fight over. The rain did make it easier to dig nice muddy holes too. We've been making sure the yard is properly irrigated with holes, then we walk around the freshly mopped kitchen floor. Of course, I like clean paws, so I make sure to dip them in my water bowl, then walk around the freshly mopped kitchen floor. The human woman really appreciates that after all the work she did to clean the kitchen yesterday.

I've asked the human woman to get some pics of us greeting Uncle Jack, since some of you non-husky types need a lesson on properly greeting people into your house. Most of the time it involves human blood, or a broken appendage such as a nose. My specialty is the eye torpedo; wait for them to lean over to pet you, then leap straight up. Gets them every time!

We're very excited about his visit, and can't wait to give him the proper maul greeting, which lasts about 5 minutes, then we get bored and chase each other.

(out finding some nice mud to roll in)


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Meeshka, you are my hero ! You live the kind of life I could only dream of ! Muddy paws on the kitchen floor, over zealous greetings, holes in the backyard, sleeping on beds.......sigh, the list goes on !
Hope the human woman is feeling better - maybe you could be nic to her....just this once :-)


Charlie The Big Dog said...


Im glad that storm was little more than a butt-burp:-)
And I REALLY would like to see the Husky Greeting Party in action:-)
I like the sounds of your "Torpedo" - I'll have to try that one.