Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations Chris D!

yes, Chris D got it right, there are Zero lost dogs on the HTH site, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean there aren’t any lost dogs at all.

Chris, if you can let me know what name you sponsored me under so I can keep track of the gifts and know how to get ahold of you, I would appreciate it. You can e-mail me privately at:

One of the important things you have to tell your humans is that we need to be microchipped. Northern Breeds are infamous for our escape talents, and we tend to keep running once we’re free. We could easily end up very very far away when we escape and maybe the humans wouldn’t think to look for us that far, so its very important that we have some form of identification on us.

We can slip out of our collars, or even chew through our collars to avoid identification in our covert activities, so microchipping is probably one of the best ways to get us identified and returned. Plus, if there’s ever any question of who we are and who we belong to, a microchip will prove ownership.

There are several microchip makers out there, and all but one (Banfield) is the same frequency and can be read with a universal scanner. Just make sure that you choose a chip that can be read with a universal scanner, and that they don’t charge you an annual fee to maintain your records in their database and you’ll be good to go.

This has been your microchip information minute.

Hey Turbo, I think I provided the horka details while infiltrating sibernet, so check their archives, but in case you can’t find it, I’ll cartoon it for you next few blog entries.

HEY only 12 more hours to go!

(hork A)


Kapp pack said...

Keep on're doing great! How's the human woman's supply of Starbucks doing?

-Kelsey Ann

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Meeshka, you are so wise to educate about micro-chipping. Oh, I will have to check Sibernet archives too about the horka details. I must see what Turbo is talking about, ha roo!
Woo Hoo 12 hours down. Way to go!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

OH HOWL well I know the out of the collar feeling and the hu-mom frantically screaming my name whilst her hu-mom is sporting 'round the neighborhood in the Acura trying to pick me up -

I had been spying one of them KHAT things next door - pulled and pulled until I snapped my collar -

My poor hu-mom found a wire coated tether with a collar minus a Sibe -
spotted me next door eyeing up that feline thang - the khat took off - I had to follow - hu-mom screaming - banging on door - ringing bell - Mom Mom Khyra's gone - empty collar in hand -

I gave my position away due the barking I was doing to kheep that damned khat thing up a tree until I could get help to skin it -

WELL - she khaught me - but only AFTER she had to divert my attention so she could grab me - she knew she'd only have ONE chance -

Well - now I sport TWO attractive purple collars - metal buckles and metal clasp -

Of course, I am microchipped but that doesn't help me if people don't have a scanner in their pantry, garage, or tool shed -

THAT did cause my hu-mom and doggy nanny to freak!

Keep up the good bloggin' Meeshka -the real fun can't help but start soon - that human woman has to be wearing down!


Turbo the Sibe said...

Khyra needs a blog!

I can't wait to see the cartoon. I think it would make an excellent design on a t-shirt or even a coffee cup. It would make a fantastic gift for any human!

Holly said...

We are all microchipped. Mom thinks that's very important for us since we are all runners. We have name tags too, just in case. Better safe than sorry!!