Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations Cyber-Sibes

Whether you meant to or not, you win the barking non-shedding husky!

Yes, northern breed fur can be spun and knitted into a bunch of things actually. If you happen to be in the Pennsylvania area on 1 September 2007, HTH, Delaware Valley, and MaPaw rescues are holding the first annual Hike N Howl where among hiking, prizes, vendors and cool demonstrations, they’ll have someone there that can show you how to spin and make pretty things out of northern breed hair.

I hear that you need to keep your fluff in a paper bag in order to keep it nice and fluffy. If you put it into a plastic bag... all sorts of bad things happen to it, but because the Cyber-Sibes won a non-shedding barking husky, I will be putting a bit of my own personal fluff into a little plastic baggy for them to spread out on their human’s furniture.

During our last break, the human woman went upstairs to make herself a sandwich, and amazingly enough your complaining forced her to feel guilty enough to break out the livergreat and she gave us some! I thought for sure that she was going to make herself a sandwich with our livergreat when she got it out of the fridge, and I was about to totally claw her into oblivion, but apparently she doesn’t like livergreat... good thing for her, because hoarding OUR livergreat is something that I won’t tolerate.

Just in case she meant to also give us part of her turkey sandwich, we’re laying right under her chair in case she accidently drops any, or decides that she can’t possible finish the whole sandwich. This means she’s trapped in the chair until we decide to let her up... or she hands over the sandwich.

(gee, that sandwich looks too big for you to handle, let me help you with that)


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Hmmmm - I posted this whilst my hu-mom got her shower -

I noticed she hid that Discover card after my posting about sending you some REAL food befitting a QUEEN!

Oops - I smell her khoming back!



Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

ohh.. turkey (drool). She should give you some of that. Did she know that turkey is vital to helping siberians stay awake to blog during blogathon??? She better pony up! I am glad, on the other hand, that you got some livergreat!!!

cyber-sibes said...

Oh boy, a barking husky! Now I'll have someone to talk to! (I admit it's getting pretty lonely without Sherman around.) We can bark at the mailman together. Hu-mom spent the morning vaccuuming, I know she'll appreciate a non-sheddinghusky. Be sure to pack it with plenty of extra fluff for spreading around ; ) Thanks, Meeshka


Holly said...

Finally!!! Some decent food and treats! It's about time!