Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations Gaels88 and Peppersmommy!

OOOH that was a very VERY close contest right there. Gaels88 actually beat out Peppersmommy by 8 seconds, but in the spirit of blogathon, I’ve just been given the official okey dokey by the rescue president to send both of you a cute husky puppy shirt.

Yep, there are three foster puppies from North Carolina that are currently driving their foster home humans totally insane (and quickly gaining points to join the HULA Hoop). In case you haven’t seen the video of them playing with the resident dogs, just click here to visit the HTH foster dog blog.

I would also like to point out that the black/white dog in that video is none other than my half sister Tashi, yes, that Tashi! You can clearly see that she’s trying to corrupt these puppies, and I’m sure she’s already cheated them at cards and gotten all of their money for lotto tickets and generic smokes. Sigh. Tashi has a great career in modeling if she can only keep from doing silly things.

She hangs around Polar, who isn’t the best of role models. Sure, Polar came from HTH and was adopted by Tashi’s humans, but they intended for him to keep her out of trouble, instead it turns out the Polar has a past that involves the police and the smuggling of cat nip across the border. He’s always getting her to take modeling jobs and asking her to “hold” things for him, so its only a matter of time before she gets caught. She does it because she thinks that I’m more successful than she is, even though her beautiful face is plastered on the best dog modeling magazines: Dogue, NewsDog, Harper’s Bizarro, Dogmopolitan.

Its only a matter of time before I get that sad phone call from the shelter telling me she’s been picked up for shoplifting or loitering.

(family, what can you do)


Dakota said...

They are making ice cream here......vanilla. Boring, but hopefully tasty.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Congrats to Gaels88 and Peppersmommy! Those pups sure are lucky and so darn cute!!!

P.S. Meeshka - the humans just had their dinner but didn't share. Something about it having shrimp which they have found out that I am allergic to so I can't have it. I could not even have any of the pasta either ...pout... because the parents said the shrimp touched it.

Peppersmommy said...

Oh Meeshka, you are so kind and generous.

I saw I came in after Gaels88 and figured I would have to just try again to win something.

Your devoted follower,