Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations Khyra!

Khyra knew the answer to which foster dog saved the day, it was Oliver!

Your stylish red husky shirt will be winging its way to you after I wake up.

Oliver is one of those shy to stranger eskies, but since he’s been in his foster home, he’s really opened up and is simply having a ball playing with the other dogs and humans. He’s had the opportunity to go be introduced at a baseball game, and other fun adventures, but he really loves standing on the stairs and leaping straight on Dante, his foster brother. Dante loves it when Oliver leaps on him, and even purposefully walks by the stairs knowing that he’s going to be pounced on.

Although I’m sorry to report that none of the eskies got adopted tonight, it wasn’t that nobody wanted them, there were some issues with the prospective home and sometimes that happens.

Um... what was that noise?

Was that thunder?

Did anyone hear thunder?

(get the shirt away from me)


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

No, not thunder!!! Meeshka.. we will save you from the shirt. But on the bright side.. it is not Loki's green stinky shirt!

Kapp pack said...

Oh no....thunder...I might have to let Sky continue on with you...I go to the closet when it thunderstorms!

-Kelsey Ann

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

WOOHOO - I won I won!

Maybe SOMEDAY my mom will get me my own Sibe Sibling - and it will be a red one!

Maybe this is an omen!

After all, the one I wrote about earlier - BANSHEY - is Cinnamon and Sugar coloured!

Maybe next year you need to get your hu-mom woman to create a shirt for your sponsors that says something "I pledged a zillion dollars to my Queen Meeshka and all I got was this dumb shirt"

I mean - I see humans wearing things like that!

They are soooooooo goofy!

Can't wait to make MY MOM wear the shirt when a storm comes our way!



Turbo the Sibe said...

Last night my stupid Human put a stupid t-shirt on me and also on the even more stupid Lex.

Stupid thunder!

Laci said...

Hopefully the storms will stay away. :)

You and the human are doing an awesome job!

The Brat Pack said...

Mom's going to put a stupid shirt on me now because of you Huskies. SAVE ME!!


veronica said...

Hey Meeshka, I know here in georgia it's thunder... My Mom, yes another one of those stupid humans... She has already put a t-shirt on me. I don't like the thunder!
Misty-Thunder Hater... the Husky Hill Gang

DustyDoodles said...


Just come here to Kalli4na -- there is no thunder here!!!!

Doodles will leave the light on for you!!

Holly said...

Oh no Meeshka! I'd hate for you to have to finish the night with your shirt on!!