Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cushy Hoarder Strikes Again

Cushy Hoarder Strikes Again
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Well, he's at it again. The gimpy mutatoe has found one of the human woman's t-shirts and he has decided that this is HIS t-shirt. He carries it around, he uses it as a pillow, and the human woman caught him sucking on it. He's like a little girl dog, I swear.

Ok, since I neglected to post some prize pictures, I'll be nice and give you two pictures tonight. See, I'm a fair and fluffy queen, but we will be eating cake a lot when I'm queen, and I like cake. I really don't see what everyone was so freaked out about when Marie Antionette allegedly said it, I mean come on, cake is tasty and you shouldn't hack off someone's head for wanting a bit of cake.

Oh, I digress:
These are really soft and comfy husky puppy pajama bottoms. I have no clue what sizes we have, but I'll check on that right away (yeah, don't hold your breath). Yes, they look an awful lot like sleepy pants, and I literally had to claw them out of the human woman's hand before she added them to her expansive sleepy pants collection. I swear, she owns every known version of sleepy pants in the world, and there's just no way I'm ever getting rid of them no matter how fast I claw. Just to show you how vile they get, even Loki mutatoe cushy hoarder won't go near them. I promise that these have never been worn, laid on, or sucked.

Here's another one:
This is a sideways picture of a barking husky toy. The human woman was too lazy to turn it the right way and wouldn't let me on the powerbook, so there you have a sideways barking husky.

When you press the huskies leg, it screams in agony. Ok, it doesn't, but I think a normal husky would do that, even if it didn't hurt, because we love pretending there's drama. This husky just barks (sorry, no authentic wooing), and I'll tell you a little secret: when the human woman packs up all the event gear and squishes the poor huskies into a bin, these things bark and bark and drive us insane.

Well, that's it for the night.

(gotta send the human woman to Costco tomorrow for more little plastic bags for fluff)


MaPaw said...

Ooooh, you have such nice prizes. You better keep an eye on your human to make sure those sleepy pants do not end up in her drawer.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Ohh... I love those sleepy pants!!

Holly said...

I think my human woman would be totally in love with those sleepy pants! They look a lot like some she was going to buy from the SOS-SRF website, but never got around to it!

I love stuffies! Especially suffies that talk (and look like me too).

I'm very excited to get some Meeshka fur! Dave of the Ao4 sent me some of his, and I sniffed all over it! And, since you are my main inspiration for starting my blog, some of your fur would be very special to me!


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Our mom has those sleepy pants! But those dogs don't look like any of us. Mom gets upset cuz all the doggy stuff rarely looks like any of her doggies. Maybe she should design something, cuz she's so crafty.