Saturday, July 28, 2007

I happened to be reading the latest edition of Dogue when I was intrigued by an article that talked about scientists finding really, really (did I mention REALLY) old DNA that proves that Greenland (the perfect place for vacationing northern breeds because of its wonderful snow and ice) was actually... GREEN a few gazillion years ago.

Hmm, that’s actually very interesting, as some other scientists are using this claim to prove that humans are the very cause of global warming. While its true that humans take advantage of the vast resources of the earth and squander it (I still don’t get that whole driving a car in a circle really fast thing that they do), I’m a little confused as to how they could be responsible for turning Greenland from a lovely butterfly populated, quiet little brook, vast expanses of meadows and flowers to its now ice cube-like status... when humans weren’t even around with their gas guzzling Humvees, burning leaves, and lighted pools way back then. I don’t even think that bottled water (which we now find out comes from someone’s tap and not those arctic glaciers that are quickly melting and threatening to drown all of society) was invented back then, so its not like we can blame teeming plastic bottle laden land fills for Greenland’s change of climate.

So, in the interest of science, I set about looking for evidence of why Greenland is now not so green. Actually I don’t care that Greenland isn’t green, I like snow so as far as I’m concerned, whoever made it snowy and cold should get a medal and we should all learn from the responsible entity so that we can make the whole earth snowy and cold. Actually, once I’m the queen, I think I’ll make that a law: all places must be snowy and cold.

Anyhooo, I digress. So I did what most researchers do, and I googled “ancient global warming” (you have to use the quotes, or else you’ll get a bunch of stupid sites about some concert and some really big headed guy), and I easily found the very reason why Greenland was once green, but then turned into a vast snowy perfect vacation spot for northern breeds:

(thank you dinosaurs)


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

I will fully support "all places must be snowy and cold". None of this humit hot sticky weather! Be gone with it all! That cartoon is very funny!!! Oh and yes, what is up with people selling water marketed from springs but really tab H2O. Insane!

Holly said...

We do still need some places that are warm so they can grow our food. I don't think cows and pigs and lambs livergreat would be around if they didn't have some grains to eat. So manybe 1/2 the world could be snowy and cold and the other half warm and sunny so we can eat. Food is extremely important to me.