Sunday, July 22, 2007

Its Multiple Prize Revealing Day

Just wanted to let everyone know that after his tumble, Sam is perfectly fine. I know a lot of you were worried after his tumble down part of the deck stairs, so I just wanted to let you know that he's up and around, being normal: a dork.

The human woman gave me a stern look for trying to give away the gimpy mutatoe. Hey, I'll take a stern look any day if I can get him to leave me alone for five minutes. He's a bit upset as well, all mopey and curling up with his stinky t-shirt and glaring at me. I'll go slam his head in the ground later on and make him happy.

Last night in a fit of activity, the human woman got out some squeeky toys and played one on one with us out there. She tried to get me to play with the same squeeky that mutatoe played with, and I was having none of that. She finally went in and got a different non-slobbered on squeeky toy and I amused her by running after it a few times before I attempted a quick gutting of the squeeker. After that, I was exhausted and demanded to go to bed. All that running and looking cute and frisky is wearing.

Ok, so as the title suggests, its multiple prize revealing day. What you may have not realized is that with some prizes, we have more than one! OOOH. Well, we didn't want a fight breaking out over some of the more cooler prizes and all, so we're giving away multiples of stuff.

Here is an example of multiple prizes:

Yep, that's right another autographed dog booty from Karen Ramstead's 2007 Iditarod team. But wait... there's actually THREE autographed dog booties to give away!!!

Please don't be alarmed, no three legged dogs ran the Iditarod, that's just the number she sent me, so no nasty e-mails to Ms. Ramstead, all of her dogs have the proper amount of legs.

All three booties smell of frito feet, and there is commemorative Pretty Sled Dog fluff on the velcro.

So, what else could we have multiples of? Hmmmm, I don't know, perhaps we have:

Holy poop are you kidding me? Yes, we actually have TWO autographed copies of the Pretty Sled Dog DVD! OOoh, speaking of poop.... nevermind.

Yes, two copies of the Pretty Sled Dogs DVD will be given away sometime during blogathon.

So, with those incentives, I can't see how you won't be able to stay awake all night!

Don't forget, there will be some special HULA inductees (if you haven't submitted yet, now is your chance), and a bunch of other topics that I haven't even bothered to think of.

So, only 6 days until Blogathon. On Friday I'll be posting a list of all of the registered sponsors, so check to make sure you are listed, and if not, then let me know. You all have until 48 hours after blogathon to pledge, but remember, only those who have sponsored before or during blogathon are eligible for prizes.

Counting the days until we can get this thing underway... I'm dying to let loose.

(Still more prizes to show you too)


Holly said...

I'm so excited!!! I can't wait till next weekend! It is going to be such a long week just knowing that all the fun is only days away! And the prizes look fabulous so far! I am keeping my paws crossed that I win something. I will also get busy working on my HULA submission. I keep fogetting to do that, but will now for sure!


JustMeCopper said...

I can't win Sam or Loki?