Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Pool For Sammy

The human man just came downstairs and told me that since I’m stuck on the internet all day that in my copious spare time I should look around and find a pool for Sammy.

Um, hello, not only am I really busy right now, but why on earth would I look around for something for HIM? He then mentioned that it could also be good for me to help me lose weight. EXCUSE ME?

His grand plan is that we could get one of those new fangled blow up pools that are blue and bigger than the little kiddie pools that are out there, and that way Sam can do his swim stuff every day instead of just the weekends and they humans would save $20 bucks each weekend (which I’m sure they would spend on Starbucks or other cool electronic toys that we don’t get to play with).

First of all, I’m sure Spineless Bionic Hip Pup Sam would be THRILLED to be able to swim every day, since he really enjoys getting tossed in a pool every saturday (he’s skipping this week because of Blogathon and he’s already paid me my bribe money) and swimming in tiny little circles for a half hour. Plus he seems to think that the pool is just a chick magnet hang out for him, even though he’s been snubbed by every dog in the pool area who certainly are not impressed with studly Mr. Spineless Bionic Hip puppy and his bright red life vest.

Secondly: I’M NOT FAT I’M FLUFFY unless of course the blood test comes back and then I have a medical ailment that causes me to be larger than normal and can be controlled through medication so I don’t need exercise either way.

The human woman isn’t too thrilled with this idea either, knowing the sharpness of the CLAW when it comes to blue blow up swimming pools, the fact that she would be in charge of keeping it clean, and knowing that she’s lazy too (well, she claims not be lazy, but we all know she is) that it may turn into a huge breeding ground for disease laden mosquitos and the end of the world as we all know it.

So, if I have time today, maybe I’ll go look up how much those things cost, and who knows... I’m sure its purchase will be a myriad of blog posts on the adventures of the blue blow up swimming pool.

(anyone want to take bets on how many hours that thing lasts in the yard?)


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Whilst your are surfing for pool options, make sure you kheep your eyes open for khool rafts for it - maybe a blowup khat!

Yes - you are quite fluffy - and that is a GREAT thing!



Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh mom bought one of those 15 foot blue blow up pools. It comes with a pump and everything. The problem is you have to get your land VERY level or it will not sit right when you put water in it. i think the woman paid 150 or so for it. The chemicals were an additional 90 bucks. Yikes! This is if you are and I are talking about the same pool. I will stick to my kiddy pool thank you very much!

Tasha & Eva said...

We love fluffy puppies.

Anything other than the hard-sided kiddie pool would last about 30 seconds at our house due the Eva's talons.


Kapp pack said...

You're not fat, Meeshka, just an extra large husky like us. Sky and I are both above size for breed standard.....the little biped thinks Sky is a pony.

-Kelsey Ann

Hana said...

I'm not fat too. I'm fluffy!

Holly said...

You would be better off getting one of the above ground hard sided pools that have the self filtering systems to keep them clean. More money, but much easier, and will last longer. Plus, you can put a cover over them and in the winter there is a special liquid you add that keeps them from freezing so you don't need to drain them.

The blow up one might last 30 minutes.