Saturday, July 28, 2007

Presidential Debates

There was an article on CNN (the network of the obvious) that said a poll found that 50% of the humans (I’m guessing they meant only the US humans, as I’m sure humans in other parts of the earth could care less even more) thought that Presidential debates were worthless.

Wow, there’s a newsflash! I bet they get an award for that reporting. I’m also guessing that the other 50% they called were out having lives rather than watching that bunch of dribble on tv. Who wants to watch a whole bunch of incredibly rich people on a stage answering stupid questions. I liken presidential debates to the Miss America Pageant (hey, at least on the Miss America Pageant there’s always a chance one of those human women will take a tumble down the stairs in those ridiculous shoes, and WHO WEARS HIGH HEELS WITH A BATHING SUIT???)

Anyhoo, I digress once again.

So, Miss Arizona, how would you solve the world hunger problem? “um, well I’d make a really big sandwich!” Great answer Miss Arizona.

So, candidate for President, how would you solve the world hunger problem? “um, well, I’d make a giant lasagna!” Great answer next commander and chief.

Humans... eesh.

So I think that Turbo has the right idea... American Gladiator! I think there would be a lot more interest in the whole voting thing if instead of standing behind podiums and making all sorts of promises that everyone knows they aren’t going to keep, they should battle it out on the Gladiator ring!

Not only would it be very exciting to watch these rich people slugging it out with lethal weapons, but at least the last one standing would have actually EARNED the position of authority. Plus other countries would be less likely to screw the US after they watch the winner lop the heads off of the losers. Come on, that’s much better than the intimidation tactics of the first President Bush... who is afraid of being leaned on and puked on? Ok, I wouldn’t like it, but its not very awe inspiring, not like hacking off the limb of your contenders.

Another benefit would be the pay per view take. No more taxes because people would just shell their hard earned money over to the pay per view to watch that. See, I’ve solved most of the world problems right there, just by modifying the presidential debates.

(where’s my agent, get my agent on the phone before Fox steals my idea!)


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I vote for any candidate with a dog - preferably a Northern Breed - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue needs to be FUZZED!

Khats? Nah - sorry Socks -

Wagging my fuzzy tail,


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh great post Meeshka. We can always count on you and Turbo to provide us with the best information regarding these types of things ;)

Turbo the Sibe said...

Humans are stupid, which is (of course) why I'm running for President!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Turbo -

My hu-mom says this president is worse than a khat -

what do you think of that?

I do think we'll need to get the Constitution thing changed to allow fur you - not quite 35 - unless of course they will allow credit for dog years!

Woos of luck!


Holly said...

I love your idea!! My humans hate election time. They always mute the commercials cuz they are so repetitive and annoying! You and Tubey can team up and really make this country worth something!!