Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank You

Yes, thank you very much Chris D for pushing me over the edge (normally when humans do that, they get the claw) but you pushed in a very generous way, and thanks to you and all of my very caring, generous, and amazing sponsors, a very good, hard working, slightly insane rescue will be getting much needed funds to care for the foster dogs that come into their care.

We couldn't have gotten to $2,000 if it hadn't been for a team effort, and when we dogs get our minds set on something, you humans better watch out!

Now, here's yet another taste of goodies that will be for the taking IF you win the contests we'll be planning:

Its a howling wolf... husky... thing. Whatever. Its just like the one the human woman has in her extensive and somewhat ghoulish hoarder-like collection of stuffed husky toys that we aren't allowed to touch, except this one isn't covered in dust, since the human woman never dusts. The one you'll win is pristine, clean, and may have some residual northern breed fur and slobber on it from going to events and getting sniffed, but other than that, its perfect!

Thanks again everyone. Seriously, I'm having slight panic attacks and writers block nightmares and hope that you all will think that your donations were worth it after my 49 posts on 28-29 July 2007!

Meeshka (eesh, I posted this once and forgot to include my own signature stuff... see how stressed I am!)


Chris said...

I am glad to help but the 70 people before me should have the greatest honors. Oh if only I could get a claw - I do miss my Huskies. Balto used to grab our hands and pull too. Sheba was great at the claw. And both of them loved to sunbath in the middle of summer just like Sam. Thank you Meeshka for keeping a smile on my face and the woo's and howls fresh in my heart.

Holly said...

Meeshka, we all have totaly confidence in you! You NEVER fail to entertain, no matter what you do or say. You are the inspiration for MANY of us doggie bloggers, myself included. Next weekend can't get here soon enough, cuz I am so excited about blogathon. I am also excited that both Steve and Kat, and Tucker (all Sibernetters too) will also be part of blogathon this year. I will be very busy reading all 3 blogs! And the human woman has no idea how much money of hers I have spend on all of the blogs!

(your humble servant)

Bama said...

TO Meeshka,
Congratulations on the milestone, but I predict even grater things in the week to come.
To Chris, I don't know where you live, but if you're anywhere close to Jacksonville FL, We'd be happy to give you plenty of claws, from all of us. We make sure nobody leaves our house without at least one claw mark on them...whohoooooo.I think we can get our friends from Husky Rescue of FL to pitch in, as they are all husky slaves much like our humans.

Tucker said...

Woowoowoo! Congratulations!

Sasha said...

Don't worry, Meeshka. I'll be staying up with you, and I don't think you'll get writers block. You did great last year, and humans are so stupid, they are an endless source of blog ranting.

cyber-sibes said...

My hu-mom is arranging her schedule so she can be here to support you through the blog. Hopefully things will work out. Otherwise we may be traveling that day, and it would be such a shame if I cant get my paws on a computer during the blog! remember, if you get stuck, just wooo & bark, we'll understand, even if the humans are stumped what it means.

Woos of admiration,


Hey Meeshka - Way to Go on getting over the $ 2000 mark. WooooHOOO!! We are going to come and visit you on the blogathon night too!! See you thin!

Woofs Casper,Buddy, Nikki and Winnie