Saturday, July 07, 2007

We've Broken the Record!

I actually did piddle the carpet this morning when I clawed the human woman awake and pushed her to the powerbook to show me the total for the morning and found that we had broken the record from last year!

WOOOOOOO everyhusky (dog and girl-girl) we broke the record thanks to your very generous sponsorship! With 20 days to go until Blogathon kicks off, I hope we have an even harder record to break next year. I'm really starting to pace though, that's a lot of money for the rescue and I hope that I can entertain and make everyone laugh for 48 posts!

Just in case, here's another bribe to get everyone ready for winning some cool things and having fun with me all night:
This is an authentic 2005 North Wapiti Kennels Iditarod patch, straight from the musher herself, Karen Ramstead! This brand new, never been sewn to anything before, but has been sniffed by Kara and some other "Pretty Sled Dogs" patch is up for grabs during Blogathon!

There are MANY other prizes that will be up for grabs that night, so keep checking in, and in the meantime, I have to go get the human woman to steam clean my piddle spot.



hershey the doglet said...

you have the MOST money so far!! out of all those people blogs you are the "winner" so far!

Holly said...

That is sooooo awesome!!!! Thank goodness there are so many humans and doggies out there willing to part with their money for HTHNBR!! They sure are a great group and do wonderful work!


Hana said...

I sent my friend the link you posted to the Pennsylvania event to meet Karen the Iditarod musher. My friend sleds her eskies. She really liked the link and the links she found from it! Thanks!

Hana said...

You are up to $1155! That is pawsome! I signed up to pledge. It is not a large amount, but I hope it helps!

Dakota said...

Spectacular news! I know we pledged some money, but I think I'll go piddle on The Mom (well, possibly on her carpet) and see if we can pledge some more!!!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Meeshka, this is GREAT news to read on Sunday Morning. Well... about your pledged #, but the piddle. But, I can understand the piddle happening! Oh, by the way, I just stole the CC and made my pledge :) Ha rooo!