Monday, October 15, 2007

Its All About Butts

What is it with this house where its always about butts around here?

The humans caught Spineless Bionic Hip puppy Sammy licking his butt again the other night and found he had a sore in the same spot as he did last time. Off they took him into the bathroom where they licked his butt for him with a gauze pad and put a cream on it. Today he got to take a ride in the truck (which he gloated about for hours when he got home), and there a strange vet woman licked his butt with a gauze pad and brown stuff called betadyne and then gave the humans some pills for him to take. The only good news to this is LIVERGREAT FOR EVERYONE!

Apparently SBHP (spineless Bionic Hip Puppy) has an infected anal gland. Geesh, it its not the mutatoe with that, its him. I have no idea why they keep getting these issues, as my own po-po is squeeky clean and functioning properly.

Of course, the human woman didn't immediately go to the store for livergreat, we have to wait until she "finds the time" tomorrow after work to get our tasty treat. Tonight she gave us all bread, and tried to hide the pills for Sam in the bread. He's too smart and managed to eat the bread and ptooey the pill onto the floor. None of us wanted the nasty pill, so we just left it there. She finally had to shove them down his throat when he kept ptooing the pill on the floor and eating the bread. I'm sure once we have livergreat, he'll be more cooperative.

Here's me attacking the human woman in bed:

(livergreat, LIVERGREAT!)


Tucker said...

Hmmm. "Finds the time," huh? I'm sure she could use some friendly reminders!

Kapp pack said...

I can't believe she had the audacity to not go get the livergreat right away.....too bad for him he got a hand down the throat.....

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

IndyPindy said...

Meeshka, you should tell everyone how you all shoved my mom across the room facedown into a recliner, and then when she tried to get up you hipchecked her and sent her flying back into the chair!

Holly said...

Samuel has butt problems from time to time too. Must be a boy thing.

Great attack picture! We need MORE pictures of you Meeshka!


Sooky said...

Hi Meeshka,
I hope his butt is feeling better, Not sure what livergreat is but will see if I can get my mom to buy some. Sooky

cyber-sibes said...

Our hu-mom's old kitty used to get that butt-thing too. Gotta be a guy thing. Great picture, Meeshka. And I'd like to hear more about that little incident Indy mentined....great visual!

Woooos and a-roos
Star & the Jack a-Roo

Michelle said...

Goodness. If I saw wild-eyed Meeshka coming at me like that, I do believe I'd get myself awake in a hurry.

(word verification of the moment: "mdcop." coded plea for someone to dial 911 on behalf of Meeshka's human woman? and how exactly will I explain that if I *do* call?)

Gaije said...

Meeshka- That is a most impressive attack! I usually just hit my human in the face with my sharp, sharp claws until she wakes up. It never occurrred to me to try chewing her up though. Interesting approach!

Sasha Sue