Friday, February 15, 2008

Sickly Human Man

The human man is sickly. Last night they came home and he went straight to bed and he moaned a lot, and coughed and mumbled and called out for the human woman to bring him things.

Today has been a lot of the same, lots of sleeping, pathetic moaning, complaining, coughing and the like. According to the human woman, human men get WAAAAY more sicker than human woman do. Apparently there is some kind of gene in the human men that when they get sick, they actually revert to 3 year old little boys incapable of fending for themselves and requiring someone (typically human women) to wait on them hand and foot and prepare them soups and give them pills.

This is a very strange phenomena, as I’ve seen the human woman pretty sick, I know she’s very sick because she barely makes any noise when I jump on her, and yet she still seems to get out of the bed and feed us and feed the human man and do stuff to clean around the house.

There are two obvious conclusions to this:

1.) Human men are wimps
2.) Human women never really get sick

I’m not quite sure what the truth is behind this, so I’ll have to do more studying. I may actually get some good data tonight, because after spending a whole lot of time cooking lasagna, the human man actually looked into the bowl and complained that the noodles might scratch his sore throat. I’m going to see if the human man will actually get out of the bed (in which case he’s not as sick as he says he is) or will he just lay there as the human woman is smothering him with a pillow (in which case he truly is sick and the lasagna will be very tasty when it falls from his dead hands onto the floor where we can enjoy it).



JustMeCopper said...

My humans are similar to yours Meeshka. My Dad is very wimpy when he gets sick too. For this reason, when I read this post to my Mom she couldn't stop laughing. Let me know if there is any pillow fighting and you score any lasagna. I have never tasted it before.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Yes - sadly, it is true!

The world must STOP when they get 'something' have to take to their sikhk bed -

Guess that is part of the reason we don't have one around here -

Best of lukhk - hope the lasagna makes it to you - bet it won't skhratch YOUR throat!


Michelle said...


Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrrrr Meeshka
I was talking to Lisa the Mean and she said human men are wimpy Harrrr hope ye get the lasagna Harrr that always taste good Harrr
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

cyber-sibes said...

Sick human men wimpy?
Noooooooooo, ya think?
Same story here - the man gets much more helpless when he's sick than the woman does when she's sick.

Maybe the lasangne will be so scratchy he'll refuse to eat it & then the woman won't eat it cause she doesn't want his sick germs, so maybe she'll let you guys have it anyways.
If the pillow fails, sit on his face. If he's really sick, he'll be too weak to shove you off & you'll get the lasangne after he suffocates.

Good luck.

Star & Jack

Kapp pack said...

Oh, the same thing happens here....human man always thinks he is DYING when he doesn't feel good. BTW, how was the lasagna????

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Dakota said...

I'm with Khyra, no human man here. When The Mom gets sick, life goes on. I still need to be catered to.

How was the lasagna? Stouffer's or homemade? Garlic bread?

Thor said...

The same thing happens here! Dad suddenly can't do anything but lie around. If he gets out of bed at all, it's to go lie on the sofa and moan and cough and use Kleenex! When Mama gets sick, she still gets up and cooks and takes care of us and the small furless. Funny furless creatures, aren't they?