Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Waste of Money

The humans continue to amaze me with the way they spend their time and money.

Take for instance the recent study that says that Dogs are smarter than toddlers. Um, duh!

I'm sure a bazillion human dollars were spent to do this study, and that humans actually spent time testing dogs versus babies and came up with this result.... um, DUH! I could have told you all that for free, or at the very least a small consulting fee in the amount of a truck load of livergreat.

My study is very simple:

According to the University of Michigan, it takes a human child, on average 3-6 months to potty train, BUT isn't totally potty trained, typically they still wet the bed until they are 5 YEARS OLD!!! Holy crap, they're stupid!

It took me a day to figure out where they wanted me to go. Of course I still think its totally unfair that I have to do my business in the yard, out in the open, where everyone can see me, but still.. A DAY!

It simply makes no sense to me that humans will put up with a kid pooping and peeing all over the house for 5 years, and yet dump their pet at a shelter because it peed on the carpet a few times. Hey, when in Rome, do what the family does: crap in the house.



The Thundering Herd said...

We are always amazed with the studies that are done. Of course, we are pretty sure most of us are smarter than the average high school student, but that is a totally different study.

Mango said...

Even a puppy is smarter. They are easier to house break.


Cyber-sibes said...

So when do we get bumper stickers that say "My Siberian is smarter than your kid"? (But we agree with the Herd, we're smarter than most HS students)

OMD, this is too funny.... our word is "diperems!"

jack a-roo

Ozzie the OZmonster & Zowie said...

Without a dought. With our combined mind strength, we could rule the universe. Well, at least we could take over a local PetCo.

Painter Pack said...

I have to agree that we, especially Sibes, are smarter than most all humans...toddlers and adults! When will the world realize!!

Huffle Mawson said...

I never had one accident when I came to my home for the first time. I must be smarter than a child too.

Holly and Khady said...