Sunday, December 19, 2010

New HULA Member: Fuzzbutt

I have to admit, I'm totally jealous of the fluffability of Fuzzbutt, and pondered whether to actually allow somepup into HULA that was totally more fluffy than me, but with credentials like this... we need such a valuable member in the Hoop, so congratulations Fuzzbutt!

Hi Meeshka,

I have:
  • destroyed a down coat, 
  • opened jars and dumped contents on the van floor, 
  • ripped up bags of chips, 
  • chewed the tops off gallon milk jugs and spilled milk, 
  • gotten into the shelving units in the van and destroyed stuff, 
  • chewed off the handles from my Dad's tool kit,  
  • locked the van doors so my humans had to climb in thru the back to open the door,
  • changed radio settings with my nose in the van, 
  • stuck my nose out the partially opened window of the van when my humans left me there to wait for them, and hollered so loud that people thought something was wrong with me. 

That is only a little bit of what I can do. Can I be in the HULA group?

 Oh Yes, I also digest reading material. Hee Hee
Take a look at my face. Is that the face of a guilty dog?



Huffle Mawson said...

Fuzzbutt gives us all something to aspire to. Welcome to the HULA hoop!

Cyber-sibes said...

Pawsitively pawsome! welcome Fuzzbutt!

jack & moo

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I think Fuzzbutt should be upgraded to HULA PLUS!


Painter Pack said...

Fuzzbutt is pawsome!!!


Holly and Khady said...

Impressive!! We always love adding new members to such a prestigious group!

Khady Lynn