Sunday, November 27, 2005

Report from a miffed off Human

I'm happy to report that huskies from around the world are taking over their humans' computers in order to read my words of wisdom.

This picture shows loyal reader Cheyenne, who took advantage of her human leaving her chair and taking control of the computer. You can sorta see on the computer screen MY BLOG!

Good work Cheyenne! Get a sip of that taco bell cup while you're at it, you deserve it. One little coup for huskies! And good job ignoring the human woman when she told you to get down.

Apparently the humans just don't understand that the blog is for huskies, not humans. At the very least they should type in the URL (since our paws are not designed for these stupid human keyboards), move out of the chair, leave their goodies on the table and leave us alone to read!

I'm honored that you are a fan Cheyenne, and keep up the good husky work!


1 comment:

IndyPindy said...

Good job Cheyenne! Another strike for Huskydom!