Sammy Update 26 December 2006

We all slept badly last night (well I did because the human woman was tossing and turning), and then the humans got up early and made a phone call, then they left for a few hours. When they came back, we got sniff mail from Sammy on their clothes.

Most humans don't realize that we dogs leave letters on their clothes when we rub up against them and shed, that's how we get a lot of our long distance intelligence news.

Sammy didn't get better at the ER vet place, so the humans took him to a very swank Neurosurgery and Rehabilitation Center in Westminster, MD. He said that he was a perfect husky there, causing all sorts of chaos and mayhem by trying to slide all over the floor and be a pest. They gave him a nice pain patch at the other place, so he said he saw some very strange things, but we're chalking that up to the medicine and don't believe he actually saw a 400ft sausage shaped like a donut.

The nice doctor there did some tests on him, and looked at the X-rays and said that he thinks its a compressed spine thing mid-way up his back that's causing all of the problems. Sammy gets to stay at this place over night while they run bloodwork and give him more meds. Tomorrow (27 December 2006) they will put him in a machine to see his innards and things to figure out what exactly is going on, and if they can fix it, the doctor will operate on him right then.

If all that happens, then he'll get to come home in a few days, but that means he'll be in a crate all drugged up so he doesn't move for quite some time. The humans told us that we would have to be very VERY gentle with Sammy until he's healed, and even then, no more tail pulling by the gimpy suck up mutatoe, and I am no longer allowed to hump him to show dominance.

The humans are very stressed about this whole thing, and frankly so are I and the gimpy suck-up, so we probably won't be participating in the grand training exercise of 1 January 2007. I do hope that everyone else will carry out their devious plans and report back to me their victories, as I will need something to keep me from staring at Sammy in his crate and making sure that he's ok.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, fluffy prayers, and get well wishes for the bionic hip puppy.



  1. Anonymous3:52 PM


    I am glad Sammy is at a good place where they can fix him. Having spiney back problems is not good. It will be very hard to leave him alone for so long, but remember, if you are going to have him around for the long haul, and future tail grabbing and humping, you have to allow him to get all better first!

    I think all the good prayers we are sending must be working! We'll all keep it up for him to be better VERY soon!


  2. Please keep us posted.

  3. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Sammy! We're glad he's where they can give him the help he needs!
    Keep us posted!

  4. Anonymous5:05 PM

    We're still wooing for Sammy!

  5. Anonymous9:12 PM

    We are still dachsie praying for Sammy. He sounds like he is feeling better or is that the pain patch?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  6. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Oh.. I hope the vet can help Sammy and send him home soon. I'll be praying for him

    ~ fufu

  7. our mom's been hauling us around for the "holidays", so we are just now seeing this. We have all paws crossed for Sam, too.

  8. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Woo's from British Columbia for Sammy.

  9. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Our paws are crossed, our tails are wagging, and we're woooooing for Sammy in Omaha, NE.

    kelsey and smokey

  10. Sending good woos from the Catoctin Mountains for all of Meeshka's family.


  11. Anonymous3:24 PM


    Tell the humans not to forget about chiropractic and accupuncture care to complement surgery. I loooove my chiropractor!



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