Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 In Review

As the new year approaches (I'll be asleep for that unless the old Nova dog has to go out and pee), I thought I would look back at the year 2005 and write about some of the highlights.

Probably the biggest thing that DIDN'T happen in 2005 was that the humans didn't adopt any other gimpy dogs to suck away all of my attention or bed space.

I went to the vet a few times for general maintenance things, no injuries that I can recall. Its hard to get injured when all you do is lay around and look cute and fluffy though.

The humans took me to Starbucks and Petsmart a few times, especially when the old guy Nova got really sick that one time. It was just guilt visits though, since they stopped that the moment he got better. (Note to self: tell old guy Nova to play sickly again so I get to go places).

I got to go to a park once where the human woman wouldn't let me chase and eat squirrels. She's really no fun.

No escapes accomplished, I'm ashamed to say.

We got a new deck to run around, but the humans put up that impenatrable gate (damn them) so we can't run up and down the stairs when we want to. We also got some tasty cardboard thanks to the new deck.

Loki and Sam and I killed some small animals that had wandered into the yard, including a snake, which totally weirded out the human woman.

I napped, I ate, I looked adorable (as usual). There were countless hours of skittering, screeching, clawing, and generally driving the humans insane, which is always fun.

Oh, today is apparently Polya's birthday, happy birthday Polya. Loki got to meet Polya at some rescue thing the humans took him to, and not me. Back then he was a puppy, and from what Loki describes, a rather spoiled puppy who hated his crate and screamed and screamed when his mistress put him in it. He's apparently grown into quite the handsome husky.

So in all, 2005 was just pretty boring actually. In 6 days I will turn 5 years old! I'm hoping that the humans are planning a really big surprise party for me, and maybe invite some of the friends I've made through my HULA (Husky United Liberation Army) activities, but I doubt it. I'm holding out hope for some tasty raw meat instead, since having other huskies here would only take away from MY special day. I plan on being the center of attention (one way or another).

So everyhusky, have a happy new year, don't drink too much, and if your humans went out to celebrate and come home drunk, remember, its the perfect time to escape, get some good food they leave out, or at the very least, make their lives miserable by bouncing on them bright and early in the morning and demanding something.



Woofwoof said...

Happy fluffy new year Meeshka.

IndyPindy said...

Excellent year in review! I too am ashamed to say taht not only did I not accomplish any escapes, but I caught a baby bird and released it unharmed when my human freaked out.

I did, however, teach other Huskies at doggie day care to talk loudly, and I taught one of them to manipulate their humans by saying "I love you".

Have a happy 5th birthday! Being five is pretty cool. That's when I started getting raw meat, so maybe you will too!