Monday, December 26, 2005

Can't a Husky Take a Nap?

So, I'm on the bed, taking a nap. Here comes the obnoxious human woman with the camera. Apparently I'm so cute and fluffy that she can't resist flashing that painful light in my eyes and capturing my cute and fluffiness.

I admit, I'm cute and fluffy, but even cute and fluffy huskies need to be left alone once in a while. I can't help it that I'm naturally cute and fluffy, that no matter how I sit, stand, or lay, I'm just so darn irresistable, but please!

Famous people have the same problem from what I hear, but they can get a restraining order against those paparazzi people. How can I possibly get a restraining order against the human woman. She's the one that feeds me and everything.

I guess I'll just put up with her inconveniences so I can get fed and let out. The things I do just to get what I deserve.


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