Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Cardboard Tasties

The human woman stayed home to work today, and since it was nice outside, she kicked us out to enjoy the lovely day.

To huskies, a lovely day is 10 feet of snow and really cold, but oh no... not here... it was like 50 and sunny, which is not a perfect day for a husky who is as fluffy as I am.

Since there was no snow to frolic and play in, we decided to check out some of the more interesting spots in the thawed yard and found a nice spot to dig. We thought the humans had dug up all of that tasty cardboard, but we were wrong! We found another spot near the concrete where they had neglected to get it all, so we proceeded to excavate underneath the cement slab for tasty bits of soggy cardboard.

Now generally, if you're doing something devious, you should have the presence of mind to come when the human woman calls us in. If you don't come, she'll come out and see why you aren't coming, and that generally means that the fun is over. Sam, the suck up, ran inside when she called, but Loki didn't. That meant that I had to stay, because if I left, the Loki would get all of the tasty soggy cardboard.

Another tip is to not look very interested in something. If the human woman says in that suspicious voice "what are you doing?", you should just stare into the yard, not really looking at anything, stop whatever digging or eating of dead things you are doing, and just stare into the distance. If you stop and stare into the distance, the humans will think that you are just ignoring them as usual. If you continue digging or eating the dead thing, they'll see that you are up to something and come stop your fun. Loki didn't stop digging, as a matter of fact, only his butt and tail were visible, this immediately sent the human woman running to stop our fun by placing these flat, very heavy square stone things over our dig spot.

We immediately investigated the area where the big square stone things came from, hoping she had removed them from another good place to dig, but she didn't... just concrete there... rats.

On a good note, other than I was able to wash my delicate feet in the water bowl, the human woman gave us something called buffalo meat in our food tonight. It was very tasty, and the bag looked pretty full so there's a chance we'll get more.

I do suspect foul play though. For some reason, after we eat, Loki and I go outside, but Nova and Sam don't want to. When I beat on the door and scream to come back inside to see what is going on, the two of them look all innocent, but I distinctly smell potato chips on their breath. I think there's a conspiracy going on.


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IndyPindy said...

You are so right Meeshka - my mom is forever taking things out of my mouth. Did you see the story on my blog about how she wouldn't let me eat the baby bird that I caught at Petsmart? Even thought it pratically flew right into my mouth???