Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Pretty Good Day

Except for the old dog Nova waking us up in the wee hours to go wee, we pretty much all slept in.
The human man made us breakfast, he wanted to let the human woman sleep in (something about a holiday today), but we insisted that she at least walk to the kitchen with us before we would go eat. Its our own little torture for her.

Nova has decided that he won't let the human woman sleep in anymore, he demands that she get up and sit in the computer chair, then he'll curl up and go to sleep behind it. If the human woman tries to sneak back to bed, he wakes up and woos at her until she goes and sits in the chair.

We told Nova we'd give him some of our treats if he did that. Its funny that
A.) he's actually doing it, and
B.) believes we would give him some of our treats.

Silly old dog. This meant that we got more room in the bed because the human woman wasn't cluttering it up, she was stuck in the chair with the old dog.

It was a miserable day today, cold rain all DAY! I don't like cold rain, it gets my delicate feet all wet and muddy. The human woman would let us out, then we'd sit under the house overhang and wait patiently for her to let us back in. We got toweled off a lot, and she wiped off my delicate and dainty little feet for me, so she's worth some good I guess.

They made another one of those really big turkey birds in the oven today and didn't share. They said something about having bad things in it that would make us sick, but I don't believe them, they're just selfish.

They DID put raw meat in our food though, so I forgive them for lying about the dangerous turkey they cooked. I think I even saw a bag that had more of the raw meat in it for us for tomorrow, so that'll be a cool treat again.

We're all pretty much full and tired now. We didn't get much "outside" time because of the icky rain, but we managed to do some playing in the house. Sam and Loki got in a snit earlier because Sam got too close to one of Loki's pee towels. The humans weren't too pleased about that and took away the nasty pee towel (thankfully).

I've spent most of the day being extremely cute and fluffy (as always) and that does tend to wear me down. I think I'll sprawl out under the computer table and twitch my dainty feet and dream of tomorrow's tasty treat meal.

Happy Howlidays

Oh, I heard from the human woman that two lucky huskies got pulled from a shelter and got to spend Christmas in a real home with real people, which is very nice... as long as they don't eventually end up here, sucking away all of my attention.


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IndyPindy said...

Meeshka, you are right, the weather on Christmas day SUCKED! At least the next day it wasn't raining so I could play outside with my cousin Amber.

So are your humans going to keep feeding you raw meat? For your sake I hope so! That's all I eat now since I have such a very sensitive and delicate stomach. I get chicken wings, legs and thighs, and once in a while a raw egg in the shell. Delicious! So much better than that boring dry food! It also helped my dry skin, my skin allergies and made my fur nice and shiny. Of course, your fur is already very shiny, but still, maybe if you pretend to have a sensitive stomach you'll get raw meat all the time!