Saturday, December 17, 2005

Where's MY Snow?

I'm highly disappointed in the amount of snow in this area. Either we get tons of it, or we get nothing. So far we've gotten NOTHING.

Oh sure, we got a dusting of snow a week or so ago. We were suppose to get more snow, but that turned into rain, which washed whatever snow we had away. Its downright muddy in our yard, perfect for digging, but digging is summer fun, we want snow to play in.

I just looked at (the human woman bookmarks it for me so I don't have to type with my razor sharp claws), and there was a winter weather warning! Oh goody! That means SNOW!

Oh no. It was a warning that a storm was coming, but we weren't getting anything. What kind of warning is that? Watch out for the storm that won't hit you! We interupt this broadcast to say nothing is going to happen.

I want SNOW! I'm a husky, I need to have snow! Granted, this year I didn't get my annual skin allergy break out, which I'm thankful for, I don't like to be itchy, but this lack of snow is disturbing! How can I possible body slam Loki or Sam in a snow pile without snow? How can I dig a little sleepy nook in the snow and pretend that I'm a sled dog? I don't actually want to BE a sled dog, because that requires me to work, pull a sled, and not sleep on a comfy bed at night, but its nice to pretend.

One thing I don't miss is the silly human woman making snowballs and throwing them. I try to find the evil snow balls and kill them, but they just disappear in the snow and I can't find them. I get mad at her for doing this and knock her down in the snow. She thinks that's funny, even when I stomp on her.

So, to all of those weather people that have freaked out about the big snow of the year... then nothing happens... I shed on you! Bring me some snow right this instant!

(snowless in December)


Woofwoof said...

All I get is rain also. And I hate water so much that I have to tiptoe when I go out to do my business. Maybe I'll stay inside and "do a Nova."

HanktheDog said...


I could be worse. You could live in Florida. Hank

IndyPindy said...

I commiserate. I am highly upset at the pitiful amount of snow we have gotten. I want enough snow so that my humans can stay home from work and spend all day playing with me in the snow! That is their duty, but my mom says that if she doesn't earn money, I can't go to doggie day camp and eat raw chicken she must!